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Deloni whole house customization, as the first batch of home furnishing enterprises to implement whole house customization, has taken the lead in implementing several development strategies in the reform of customized home furnishings with the development trend of the industry. Please see this article for details

the customized home furnishing industry has reached its peak, industrial capital has accelerated its entry into the industry, and the competition in capital, talent and market tends to be intense. The comprehensive competition between soft power and hard power has made all customization enterprises increase their horsepower and expand rapidly. Deloni whole house customization, as the first batch of home furnishing enterprises to implement whole house customization, along with the development trend of the industry, took the lead in implementing several major development strategies in the reform of customized home furnishing, such as flexible production, intelligent manufacturing, front and rear integration, product structure adjustment, talent reserve, marketing function transformation, and carried out a new three-dimensional layout adjustment and innovation and upgrading, which will open a new era of rapid development

flexible production

deloni used the information intelligent production management system and cooperated with Hongguang software company to develop a software system integrating design, production and sales. The design end of the exclusive store uses software, which can quickly design the renderings of the customized products of the whole house in 30 minutes, and can be converted into CAD graphics. Then enter the price, and you can immediately generate a quotation for the customer

the designer sends the order graphics to the company. The company's personnel use the central order processing system to sort and split the order graphics according to door panels, cabinets and hardware. After splitting the orders, multiple orders are combined to optimize the bill of materials and hole bitmap, and generate the two-dimensional code of each plate to form a database

the production end can produce automatically by directly exporting the information of the database. Each plate produced has a two-dimensional code, which records the customer name, hole bitmap, size, edge banding and other information. According to this information, the classification of plates and the processing of each link are implemented until packaging and delivery

flexible production turns the difficult processing of non-standard customization into large-scale high-speed manufacturing, which greatly saves costs, improves efficiency, and reduces the fatal error rate in the customization industry, which is also a revolution in the customization industry

at present, the flexible production level of the company has only reached the level of customization 3.0. We will further upgrade the software and automation equipment, strive to reach the level of customization 4.0 within three years, and become the leader of the industry

intelligent manufacturing

deloni uses intelligent robots for the key processes of the production process, such as cutting, hole arrangement and milling, with high machining precision and safety, which greatly reduces the number of labor and significantly improves the efficiency

through QR code scanning and identification, the central data processing system can process the collection of data and information accurately and quickly, freeing workers from complex and heavy operations

we will continue to strengthen the transformation of the process, replace all processes with robots, and implement intelligent automatic manufacturing except for the feeding and shipping links

front and rear integration

deloni gradually promotes the construction of animal networking, and links the production site with the end customer's computer or mobile phone, so that customers can check their product processing at any time, so that customers can buy at ease

end users can also send the installation site or products to the customer service end of the company. The company can check the installation quality and service satisfaction of products at any time, grasp the feedback information of customers faster and better, and respond quickly

product structure adjustment

deloni whole house customization adheres to the strategy of product innovation and differentiation, and develops and launches 2 to 3 new products every year to maintain the novelty, uniqueness and difference of products and increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of products

the company cooperates with South Korea LG company, Taiwan curiosity, Blum, egger and other international leading brands, using cutting-edge colors, novel materials, popular styles, advanced process quality and unique design

this year, the company took the lead in using environmentally friendly water-based paint in the industry and purchased advanced infrared dryers, which greatly improved the environmental protection of solid wood products and met the national industrial requirements. Using the infrared dryer, paint products can be dried in 10 seconds, shortening the processing period of solid wood closed paint series products to 15 days, and implementing a revolutionary breakthrough

after the company implemented the customized production of the whole house, from the original cabinet and wardrobe products, it gradually extended the whole house series of products such as dado board, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, tatami, dining side cabinet, TV cabinet, bathroom cabinet, porch cabinet, lobby cabinet, which greatly enriched the product menu and provided customers with more choice space. The order value of dealers has increased several times. The most important thing is to provide customers with more systematic and comprehensive design and product services, so that consumers can obtain high satisfaction

talent reserve

in order to ensure the rapid development of the company, we will increase the cultivation of talents in two aspects:

first, the designer team, cultivate design talents in exhibition hall design, product design, shopping environment design, process design and other aspects, and gradually implement the originality and progressiveness of product design

II. Management talents

1. Production process management talents, flexible production and intelligent manufacturing need comprehensive talents who understand management, technology, computer, automation and so on. Without these talents, it is difficult to ensure the good operation of the whole system and can not keep up with the needs of development

2. The rise of marketing management talents and whole house customization has put forward higher requirements for marketers. They must comprehensively master professional skills such as product design, product characteristics, customer needs, advertising, ground promotion, software application, holding of promotional activities, terminal training, etc. without such comprehensive talents, the competitiveness of the market will be greatly reduced. Deloni must increase the cultivation of such talents to meet the needs of market development

marketing function transformation

with the implementation of the whole house customized home, deloni began to upgrade and transform the exclusive store two years ago, injecting new image, new brand culture, new products and new materials, and the new revision of the publicity atlas. This year, the company also launched deloni whole house customized newspapers and periodicals to spread the manufacturer's culture, and increased the online publicity of wechat public platform and enterprise version easy show. In addition, it has created many large stores and flagship image stores. Deloni has gradually shifted its original main battlefield from third and fourth tier cities to first and second tier cities, adding an average of more than 30 franchised stores every year to implement a comprehensive layout of the market

the service method of guidance and assistance in the past has been changed. The company led the team to the site to help dealers plan, train, implement and track sales, so as to complete the actual performance to help dealers improve sales and lead the terminal team to learn and grow. Cultivate a terminal team that will never arrive at the meeting, and change from meeting to strong, so as to minimize the pressure on dealers to join, and let franchisees quickly enter the fast lane of wealth multiplication

deloni has long-term strategic cooperation with home hotline to carry out network promotion and investment promotion. At the same time, it often reports and publicizes in Sina, Sohu, sofang, China building materials network and other well-known media. The company places advertisements at highway intersections, high-speed railways, and city squares to constantly improve brand awareness and focus on rushing into the first-line brands in the customization industry

this is an era full of opportunities and full of dangers. Deloni responds to changes with constancy, integrates resources, adjusts strategies, and builds a better future by riding the wind and waves and driving straight in the sea of customized home furnishings




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