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In fact, most people are the same. After living in the city for a long time, they kind of want to escape, while the poetic pastoral life has become a luxurious yearning in their hearts

I made a friend not long ago. He has strong economic strength and has the ability to dominate the business circle. He belongs to the city. However, during a chat, he inadvertently said:

he likes rural life very much,

he will take his family to live in the countryside for a few days as soon as he is free,

he will be far away from the complexity and pressure of the city,

it is very interesting to plant vegetables, prune flower seedlings, smell the smell of soil, and breathe the fresh air of nature in the countryside

he said that he made many important decisions in the countryside, including some major investments. In rural life,

can let him find a different kind of life fun and experience, so that he won't repeat himself every day and slowly grow old in a boring life...

in fact, most people are the same. After living in the city for a long time, they kind of want to escape, and the poetic pastoral life has become a luxurious yearning in their hearts. "Birds cling to the old forest, and fish yearn for the old abyss". We, solidified by our profession, yearn for the freedom we once had; "Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan", eager to find a habitat for the soul in such a happy and leisurely life - this is modern pastoral life, a willing and put down, a return and real positive lifestyle

Schneider Mann advocated this positive and healthy lifestyle, so in 2017, in the eight series of new cabinets, he enthusiastically launched idyllism - green shade and light summer

the 2017 popular color "vegetation green" released by Pantone is the main tone, and the simple and dignified European style modeling conforms to the aesthetics of modern home furnishings. In an olive green, nature is within reach. Its poetic name also comes from its pastoral nature and unique style

a touch of natural green, like the wind in the shade of light summer trees, makes people relaxed and happy. The jade table is dotted with flowers, warm and elegant. In such a space, it seems that you can hear the sound of birds singing and flowers blooming, which is full of vitality, in sharp contrast to the hurried and noisy urban life. This is another space in life, which meets the lifestyle of people living in harmony with nature. Summer wind, jade trees, water bridges and blue and white flowers make people pursue tranquility and tranquility in nature, and find the origin of life in tranquility and tranquility


silver coated quartz table top - NSF national certified food grade luxury table top, caring for the health of family members. 20mm thickened, hardness second only to diamond, high temperature resistance, scraping, oil, easy to clean. E0 moisture-proof particle board, healthy board, far away from formaldehyde


the vegetable washing area is set up in front of the window, and the scenery outside the window has a panoramic view. With rattan, cloth, fence, iron and other accessories, the fresh and natural pastoral atmosphere comes to your nostrils

◆ wooden fence

◆ special door type

◆ European top line

◆ curved lintel

◆ fabric and rattan decoration

◆ glass display cabinet

clear and transparent space:

l-shaped cabinet, the light is transparent, which visually enlarges the space, and the small kitchen will not feel crowded and oppressed. Through the natural lighting design, the whole kitchen looks very quiet, as if it were peaceful in midsummer afternoon


inherit the design concept of kitchen in Frankfurt, Germany, and pay attention to function. The working lines of storage area, vegetable washing area, material preparation area, cooking area and meal preparation area are designed according to the operation steps and habits, which are clear and smooth as water, minimize the number of round-trip steps of working in the kitchen, guide the cooking operation process, and make life more convenient with science


Lvyin qianxia follows the storage system of pragmatism series cabinets, which can be stored in different areas to maximize the storage function

it's such a set of cabinets, with natural and fresh colors, European style top line and lintel shape, distinctive door type, simple and beautiful handle, and the quiet atmosphere of the whole space. Is it an idyllic style that makes you excited

there is an essential difference between rural and pastoral areas, and the difference lies in the height and style of life

shady summer - natural, romantic, derived from nature, not delicate and artificial, integrated with nature. Let people stay away from the pressure and the noise of the city, enjoy the green and beautiful flowers, breathe the fresh air, and feel the vastness of heaven and earth and the purity of life. This is a luxury. It is not difficult to understand why successful people like rural life

shady summer - it also provides a unique noble life. Pastoral is the highest mentality of modern people's way of living. It allows everyone to have their own unique lifestyle and life perception, which reflects the longing for high-quality life. It is noble, with confidence and calm, and the style of green shade and light summer is different, which makes a perfect interpretation




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