School is about to begin. You should buy your chil

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School is about to begin. You should buy your child a German dog spine care and burden reduction health schoolbag.

in the twinkling of an eye, more than half of the summer vacation has passed. The arrival of August means that the day of school is not far away. Many parents will buy their children some new school supplies in the new semester, such as schoolbags, stationery boxes, notebooks and so on, which must be essential. No parents are unwilling to spend money for their children's study

but did you really buy the right school supplies for your children? Take the schoolbag for example, it is necessary for every child to go to school. From kindergarten to primary school, junior high school, senior high school... When buying schoolbags, a large number of people unconsciously joined the appearance Association, ignoring its functionality, and over time, they found that children showed bad growth phenomena such as hunchbacks. Therefore, for the health of children, you must understand the knowledge of bag selection

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▼ type of schoolbag

1 Double shouldered. Backpack is a general term for backpacks carried on the shoulders. The main advantage of this kind of backpack is that it is easy to carry, liberates both hands, and provides convenience for going out

2. Single shouldered. It refers to a schoolbag with one shoulder under stress. It is generally small in capacity and easy to carry. However, pay attention to the burden of one shoulder when using it, so as to avoid uneven pressure on the left and right shoulders, which will affect your health

▼ selection method of schoolbag

a good children's schoolbag should be carried on the back without feeling tired. It advocates the use of an ergonomic principle to protect the spine! At the same time, it is beautiful and fashionable to meet children's preferences. The natural center of gravity of the human body is in the middle. If the head falls down, it means the center of gravity moves forward, which is the performance of hunchback. When a child's schoolbag is too heavy, his head must tilt forward in order to balance the weight of his body falling back with the schoolbag on his back. Over time, children are used to walking with their chests

here are some selection methods:

1 Buy it tailored. Pay attention to whether the size of the schoolbag is suitable for the height of the child. The bottom of the schoolbag is as high as the lower back, and the schoolbag is located in the middle of the back, rather than drooping on the buttocks

2. Focus on design. The interior space of the schoolbag is designed reasonably, which can classify children's books, stationery and daily necessities, cultivate children's storage and sorting ability from childhood, and let children form good habits

3. The material should be light. In order to avoid increasing the load of students, schoolbags should try to choose light materials

4. The shoulder straps should be wide. The shoulder strap should be widened to help reduce the pressure caused by the schoolbag on the shoulder and evenly distribute the weight of the schoolbag, while the padded shoulder strap can reduce the strain caused by the schoolbag on the trapezius muscle

5. There are pits on the back cushion. Since the schoolbag must be close to the back, the back of the backpack should be equipped with a cushion, and the cushion should have pits to help dissipate heat, so that children will not "sweat"

6. The schoolbag should preferably be equipped with a fixed strap or inner compartment. It can fix sundries, such as water bottles, pencil bags, etc., so that the books are closer to the back, so as to prevent the schoolbag from tilting outward, so as to lower the center of gravity and cause spine injury

▼ three kinds of schoolbags should be carefully selected

1 The single shoulder bag. The messenger bag will force one side of the shoulder, resulting in uneven force on the left and right shoulders. In addition, the weight of books is not light, which will lead to shoulder and spine strain and even scoliosis in the long run

2. Pull the bag by hand. The pull bar schoolbag has a pull bar and wheels, which can be dragged, freeing children's shoulders but stressing their wrists. This design will make the center of gravity of the schoolbag unstable, and children are easy to sprain their wrists when pulling and walking

3. Carry a schoolbag on the front. Carrying the schoolbag on the back to the chest is a common way to carry it on the street. The original intention is to prevent thieves. If the schoolbag is too heavy, the front back will only increase the waist load, increasing the possibility of waist strain

[single item recommendation]

children's school gift · decompression ergonomics · German dog spine protection decompression health schoolbag

◤ German dog spine protection decompression health schoolbag

Product Material:

specially customized high-density Oxford fabric, light texture, wear resistance and durability, and good water splashing resistance

product features:

1 The back of the schoolbag is designed to protect the spine and reduce the load without pressure, which can support the muscles of the waist and back, avoid the positive pressure of the spine, and disperse the weight of the schoolbag; Heat conduction and ventilation keep the back dry and comfortable

2. Widen the S-shaped anti-skid shoulder strap, relieve the pressure on the shoulder and spine, increase the stress area of the shoulder, and make the stress more uniform

3. Lightweight multi compartment, multi-function and large capacity, with side pockets on both sides, can cultivate children's classified storage ability

4. Reflective strips are provided on the front of the bag, under the shoulder straps and on both sides. The super safe reflective design makes children easy to be found and safer to walk in low visibility fog, rain and night

5. With the upgrading of intelligent security protection, considerate care, and the installation of positioning, monitoring, electronic fence and other functions in the schoolbag, parents can easily master their children's movements at any time




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