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The double 11 carnival is coming. The "double 11 feast, carnival for profit" special event of the national xingpai door and window store will be held from November 8 to November 28, 2018 with consumers across the country to celebrate and explode the feast

double 11 feast for benefit Carnival

the double 11 carnival is coming. The "double 11 feast for benefit Carnival" special event of the national xingpai door and window store will be held from November 8 to November 28, 2018 with national consumers to celebrate and explode the feast

as a leader in the middle and high-end door and window industry, xingpai doors and windows once again shows its style of being a top general. The extravagant ceremony, exclusive enjoyment and single free Carnival awesome are powerful and powerful

-- for more details of the activities, please consult the local xingpai door and window store

double 11 door and window shopping

in this peak decoration season, major door and window brands also begin to make profits and revel. Then, you who are shopping for doors and windows to decorate your new home, do you really know how to choose a good door and window

many owners who are preparing to decorate are worried about how to choose doors and windows. Choosing windows and doors is the most important, useful to yourself, and can give full play to the maximum value of items. The following star school windows and doors teach you how to choose the most practical windows and doors at the lowest price on double 11

1. Structure

the best choice for doors and windows is broken bridge aluminum casement windows. The broken bridge aluminum casement windows of xingpai doors and windows have excellent air tightness and water tightness, and superior thermal insulation performance. The double-layer hollow tempered glass is used to make the casement windows truly show the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation

moreover, the broken bridge aluminum alloy casement windows of xingpai doors and windows can help families save heating and cooling costs, and the return in the later period is much more than the investment in the earlier period. Energy saving and environmental protection doors and windows belong to the broken bridge aluminum casement windows

2. Water tightness

water tightness is a key point in selecting doors and windows. Good water tightness can effectively block the entry of rainwater in the face of rainstorm and keep the room dry. Xingpai doors and windows are sealed with hidden drainage system and waterproof glue, which can easily cope with the horizontal impact of Rainstorm on the surface of doors and windows without water seepage and leakage

3. Hardware accessories

hardware accessories are like the "heart" of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and their quality directly affects the overall performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Xingpai doors and windows adopt the original imported German hopper handle and German lattice hardware accessories to ensure that the hardware accessories are not damaged due to the erosion of wind and rain, solid and durable, and free from the later maintenance problems of consumers

4. Brand

when choosing doors and windows, you must choose a good brand, because only good brand quality and quality can be better guaranteed, so as to make your house style to a higher level. When choosing Shanghao doors and windows, choose xingpai doors and windows

xingpai doors and windows

located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, xingpai doors and windows focuses on aluminum extrusion, R & D, production and sales of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, with excellent product quality. The factory of the production base covers a total area of 120000 square meters, and produces more than 300000 square meters of all kinds of doors and windows and sunshine houses every year. It is one of the large-scale door and window production enterprises in China

since its inception, the company has adhered to the road of independent research and development, holding more than 10 industry-leading invention and utility model patents, including six system products: swing door series, sliding door series, folding door series, swing window series, sliding window series and sunshine room series. In order to express our gratitude to new and old customers, the headquarters of the company sincerely gave back to new and old customers in this double 11 event, and the whole people were pleasantly surprised

xingpai doors and windows

always adheres to the spirit of craftsman,

goes through trials and hardships,

always adheres to quality first,

leads the industry to new glory




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