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Nowadays, the phenomenon of homogenization has become more and more intense in the wardrobe industry, and innovative development has become a rare and valuable development quality for enterprises. With the popularization of the Internet + concept at present, the development of innovation cannot be limited to the innovation of traditional models. The perfect combination of the Internet and wardrobe is the main driving force for the future development of the industry. Only when wardrobe enterprises integrate the Internet + concept into the innovation of the wardrobe industry can they bid farewell to the era of homogenization completely. Wardrobe enterprises should implement the Internet + innovation, and customize the furniture brand Deville throughout the house

Internet + wardrobe is the development trend of the industry in the future.

"Internet +" is a trend of business model development. Wardrobe manufacturers should actively plan to move forward, but wardrobe manufacturers have always been a steady and pragmatic style. Wardrobe manufacturers should not blindly rush into e-commerce. Wardrobe manufacturers should give full play to their own advantages and actively embrace Internet e-commerce. For the steady development of the wardrobe industry, every wardrobe enterprise must calm down and deal with the development of Internet e-commerce, and do fine product services, as well as material suppliers. Today is an era of excess products. The quality service of wardrobe products and the integrity of consumers of wardrobe enterprises have become more stringent. Only by keeping up with the pace of the development of the wardrobe industry in the Internet era and actively integrating into the development direction of the Internet + era, can enterprises survive

wardrobe manufacturers need to pay special attention to innovation

at present, the innovation thinking and innovation ability of domestic wardrobe manufacturers are poor. Compared with foreign wardrobe enterprises, the innovation ability of domestic wardrobe enterprises is only at the international primary level. The ability of innovative design is also poor. Many designs need to learn from excellent international products, sometimes Italian and German designers

the original wardrobe design ability of domestic local innovation is relatively weak, and the wardrobe enterprises are fighting more price wars, which generally reflect some low-end competition. Early enterprises won with low-end price competition. In the future Internet e-commerce competition, wardrobe enterprises will kill their own enterprises if they still compete in this way. Now the cost of labor is rising, but the wardrobe manufacturers do not change, and the quality of wardrobe products is poor, which will affect the brand foundation of manufacturers. Some manufacturers will choose to expand steadily and grow gradually. With the changes of the Internet e-commerce market, they will also invest in some product research and development, innovative design, the use of innovative design and new materials, and strict quality control. Only in this way can wardrobe manufacturers survive longer

in a word, for wardrobe enterprises, whether the "Internet +" can be transformed into a real productivity to promote the new development of economy and society depends on two aspects. First, give play to subjective initiative in ideology; Second, it is driven by comprehensive innovation in action. Only by grasping these two points can wardrobe enterprises successfully realize the innovation and upgrading development in the direction of the Internet

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