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There are many places where sliding doors can be used in families. Therefore, according to different occasions, the materials and types of sliding doors are also different

choose materials according to the occasion

there are many places where sliding doors can be used in families. Therefore, according to different occasions, the materials and types of sliding doors are also different. For example, in the dry and wet separation area in the bathroom, consumers can choose sliding doors made of waterproof materials such as aluminum alloy frame and safety glass. If it is a kitchen partition, consumers can choose sliding doors made of glass and wood composite materials, which can maintain permeability and fit the home style. As for the partition in the living room, consumers have more choice. Usually, many people will choose the board wood structure sliding door composed of gypsum board and wood, and the surface will be decorated with paint, wallpaper and even mirror and other materials to highlight the style

choose the type according to the space

although the sliding door partition can save space, there are different types to choose according to the installation conditions. Generally speaking, the installation of sliding door partition requires a certain face width first. Generally, the size of a single sliding door is 80cm (width) × 200 cm (height) is the most reasonable. If the face width is too large and the height is too high, more door leaves should be considered to ensure its stability. Of course, if considering the convenience of use, it is best to choose the sliding door assembly with linkage mechanism at this time. When the face width of the space is insufficient, folding door leaf is a good choice. The biggest advantage of this type of sliding door is that it is more suitable for narrow space

set the movement mode before decoration

after selecting the material and type of sliding door, the next thing to be determined is the movement mode of sliding door. Otherwise, if we consider this point after the decoration is completed, we may encounter the trouble of demolition and reconstruction

generally, the movement mode of sliding door is divided into two types: one is floor type, and the other is suspended type

among them, the floor type is the most commonly used, which is the mechanism mode with tracks and rollers installed up and down. The advantages of this installation mode are simple process and reliable installation. But the disadvantage also exists, that is, the existence of ground track will lead to the protrusion of the ground and inconvenience of walking. In addition, the ground track is also easy to hide dirt, adding trouble to the cleaning work

the suspended installation eliminates the trouble of floor sliding door. Of course, it is inevitable that the suspended sliding door has higher requirements for the quality of installation components and the weight of the door leaf, as well as for the installation level of workers

hardware accessories are very important

hardware accessories are a very important link in the selection of sliding doors. Its impact is not only related to the performance of the door leaf, but also related to the safety of the home environment. There are many kinds of hardware accessories for sliding doors, generally including mullions, upper rails, lower rails, upper transom, lower transom, sub shelving, upper and lower pulleys, core plates, anti-collision strips, locators and other components. Among them, the structural strength is the most critical part of the frame components, so consumers should choose brand products with solid quality and large wall thickness. The roller and track components are related to the service life of the sliding door. At present, good sliding door brands will use large bearing wheels and resistance nylon rims to ensure smooth operation

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Q: what should be paid attention to in the installation of sliding door

a: pay attention to the following aspects:

a, pay attention to the bearing capacity. If you choose a suspended sliding door, be sure to pay attention to the bearing capacity of the ceiling or door frame above the sliding door. The proper way is to correctly estimate the weight of the door leaf in advance and appropriately enhance the load of the installation position

b. Pay attention to whether the ground is flat. For the floor mounted sliding door, the leveling of the ground is very important, so the level must be measured before installation, and the ground must be leveled again if necessary

c. reserve space for storing door pieces. The storage space of sliding door leaf also needs to be considered. If there are too many door leaves, they will have a certain thickness for unified storage. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the storage space in advance

d, door seam size. If the seam of the sliding door is too large, it is very easy to pinch your fingers. Owners with children must pay attention to this

e. install air tight strips appropriately. Because the sealing and sound insulation of sliding door is not as good as that of swing door. Considering the comfort of the home, it is recommended to install air tight strips at the edge of the door to improve the sound insulation performance





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