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According to the survey data, in terms of the choice of ground materials, 81% of consumers in this city choose wooden flooring, while laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring are preferred

according to the survey data, in terms of ground material selection, the proportion of consumers in this city who choose wooden floors is as high as 81%, while laminate floors and solid wood composite floors are more preferred, accounting for 31% of the total respectively. At present, floors are divided into four types: solid wood, solid wood composite, reinforced composite and bamboo, and wood and composite have different classifications. When consumers enter the building materials store, they will be troubled by hundreds of floors of different types, and the salesperson will do his best to carry out endless publicity from quality, price to service, which makes the vast majority of consumers at a loss. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the types of flooring, no matter how popular it is, and choose products that are suitable for you

4 types of flooring cost-effective match

the price of solid wood flooring is higher

solid wood flooring is roughly divided into hardwood flooring and cork flooring. Among them, the hardwood floor has the characteristics of hard texture, fine texture, good wear resistance, elasticity, dryness, cleanness, beauty, etc. the wood used includes Fraxinus mandshurica, birch, walnut, Sophora japonica, Begonia and beech, etc. the wood used for some high-end wood floors includes cherry wood, longan wood, camphor, etc; And cork flooring is mainly pine, fir? Keteleeria, hemlock, etc? Made of snow and cypress, it is warm and elastic. But the wear resistance is poor. If it is not dry enough, it is easier to deform and crack

in general, although solid wood flooring has the advantages of good foot feel, natural texture and color, and good heat preservation, its hardness is slightly poor

the price difference of solid wood composite floor is large

solid wood composite floor is divided into the following three types: three-layer solid wood composite floor, which is made of three different kinds of wood bonding. The surface layer uses beech, birch, oak, cherry, Manchurian ash and other hard wood, and the middle layer and bottom layer use soft wood. If pine is used as the core plate in the middle, the elasticity of solid wood floor relatively reduces the cost

the multi-layer solid wood composite floor is made of multi-layer plywood as the base material, and the surface is inlaid with hardwood sheet, which is pressed by urea formaldehyde resin adhesive layer

for the new solid wood composite floor, the surface layer is made of hard wood, which is basically the same as the first kind. The middle layer and bottom layer are made of medium density fiberboard or high-density fiberboard, which has the same effect and durability as the three-layer solid wood floor

the wear resistance of this kind of floor is between laminate floor and solid wood floor, and the hardness is lower than laminate floor and solid wood floor

laminate flooring is the most affordable

laminate flooring is composed of three layers of materials, and the middle layer is density fiberboard, which has strong impact resistance and is not easy to deform; The bottom layer is a balance layer, which has a moisture-proof effect; The surface layer is covered with melamine wear-resistant layer on the printed decorative layer. The wear-resistant strength is much higher than that of wood. It has good flame retardancy, and is corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof and mothproof

compared with the above two floor types, the surface of the laminate floor can be printed with various wood grains, which is beautiful and elegant. Paving is convenient and fast, saving wood. But the elasticity is worse than that of solid wood floor, and its biggest advantage is that the price is the cheapest

bamboo flooring has high cost performance.

bamboo flooring is a floor made of bamboo after treatment. It is not only rich in the natural beauty of natural materials, but also has the advantages of wear resistance, moth resistance and earthquake resistance. Bamboo flooring is warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, and easy to use. In particular, it can reduce the use of wood and protect the environment

authoritative statement: rational paving is more worry-free

in today's bottleneck of floor innovation and increasingly serious product homogenization, consumers should pay more attention to the floor paving stage

there has always been a saying in the flooring industry that wood flooring is "three parts of the floor and seven parts of the package", that is, the quality of the installation determines 70% of the floor quality. The unsatisfactory use of the floor is largely caused by the inadequate floor paving. The problem of floor paving has become the biggest stubborn disease restricting the use of the floor

to avoid unpleasant floor maintenance, it is more important to do a good job in sales. The relevant person in charge of Ruijia flooring told reporters that before installation, the staff must carry out four measurement preparations in different aspects. The advantage of this is that it can greatly enhance the accuracy and precision for the later construction process, and can effectively detect the specific degree of the five major problems of the ground, such as "sand, tide, concave, convex and crack"

in addition, the staff should carefully inspect the ground flatness, ground firmness and non humidity

consumption tips: Master seven principles in choosing flooring

since wear resistance is not the most important indicator in buying flooring, how should consumers choose wooden flooring? Gaozhihua, Secretary General of China flooring Federation, gave seven suggestions for selecting flooring:

1 Laminate flooring should buy products from well-known enterprises. The products should have the test report of the national authoritative department and the complete identification on the product package

2. Look at the wear-resistant revolution. It is usually enough to choose more than 4000 revolutions for Household Floor wear-resistant, while it is usually more than 9000 revolutions in public places. The decorative layer should be resistant to light

3. Check the formaldehyde emission limit. Formaldehyde emission in laminate flooring ≤ 1.5mg/l

4. Look at the density of the substrate. The substrate density of laminate flooring should be 0.84-0.9/cm3? Too low or too high fumigation density is not suitable

5. Look at the water resistance. If the index value is high, the water resistance is poor, and it is easy to cause dimensional changes in wet environment. The expansion rate of water absorption thickness should be ≤ 2.5%

6. See the processing density. Observe whether the product is flat and smooth, and whether the tenon and groove bite properly. It should not be too loose or too tight

7. Sales + pavement + warranty. "Buy" and "shop" are inseparable, meet the pavement acceptance standard, and have a complete after-sales service guarantee





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