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In the new year 2016, Jiamu Lijia will continue to improve and surpass itself, and will carve exquisite products with great life taste for the majority of consumers with a harmonious team

-- Jiamu Lijia entered the high-speed railway in March, starting a new journey

at the beginning of 2016, Jiamu Lijia released great news to the industry. After winning many awards such as "Guangdong top 10 wooden doors" and "China top 30 wooden doors" in 2015, Jiamu Lijia brand has greatly improved its brand image. As a high-end brand with the positioning of "family style, big house door", Jiamu Lijia is determined to face the high-end consumer groups directly, and has a strong presence in the magazine "home brand · High Speed Rail", opening the first year of brand construction, so that the brand can catch the high-speed rail express and become familiar with consumers at a faster speed

enter the mainstream and catch up with the new mileage of enterprise development

Jiamu Lijia brand was born in 2012, and gradually successfully transformed into a modern production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of medium and high-end thick wooden doors and independent research and development, production and sales. Since its establishment, Jiamu Lijia has adhered to the steady development strategy, and the comprehensive strength of the brand has been continuously improved. In 2014, the new factory of jiamulijia with an area of more than 80000 square meters was completed, which is of great significance to the development of jiamulijia. With excellent quality, excellent service and advanced design concept, Jiamu Lijia has won the unanimous recognition of professionals and consumers. In 2015, it won many awards, such as "Guangdong top 10 wooden doors", "China top 30 wooden doors"

in 2016, Jiamu Lijia will pay more attention to brand communication and join hands with Huiya media's "home brand ・ entering the high-speed railway" project to enter the high-speed railway. This time, Jiamu Lijia and Huiya will jointly launch advertisements, which will once again show Jiamu Lijia's strong marketing strength to the door and window industry

excellent quality, creating 2016 "Jiamu Lijia speed"

now, the door-to-door styles in the whole market are roughly the same, with little difference. The quality of the brand is reflected in the details. The uniqueness of Jiamu Lijia's products is that they attach great importance to details. At present, Jiamu Lijia has established strategic partnerships with many domestic universities, media, magazines, and well-known enterprises, and has become an internship base for some well-known art colleges. These have provided Jiamu Lijia with original design products, ensuring the uniqueness of its product design. In terms of material selection, Jiamu Lijia owns the world's rare wood origin forest farms (Germany, France, Denmark, etc.), and all products can provide certificates of origin qualification. It is one of the few raw wood door manufacturers in China that can provide certificates of origin. 100% imported wood is a kind of precious wood from inside to outside. It will never be mixed with fiberboard, particleboard, miscellaneous wood and pine. It has unparalleled upstream resource advantages of many domestic enterprises, ensuring the service life of raw wood doors and keeping consumers away from formaldehyde and other injuries. More importantly, Jiamu Lijia wooden door is carefully carved and hand-made by senior craftsmen in 36 processes, plus the unique anti shrinkage and anti cracking treatment technology, so that the product structure is reasonable, the strength is uniform, firm and durable, ensuring that each wooden door is a boutique, with a service life of more than 30 years

it has always been the pursuit of Jiamu Lijia to give consumers a different lifestyle. In the new year 2016, Jiamu Lijia will continue to improve and surpass itself, and will carve exquisite products with great life taste for the majority of consumers with a harmonious team




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