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Cosmetic packaging inspection items and methods

Abstract: cosmetic packaging is gradually using plastic flexible packaging to replace the traditional glass packaging. However, some properties of plastic flexible packaging are not as good as glass packaging, so how to ensure the packaging quality of cosmetics? This paper introduces the factors affecting the preservation of cosmetics and the sales of cosmetics packaging, and gives corresponding testing suggestions

key words: cosmetics, barrier, headspace, sealing, self-adhesive

1 There is no doubt that the primary function of cosmetic packaging is to protect the contents. The ingredients of cosmetics are added with substances necessary for microbial growth and reproduction, such as glycerin, protein, etc. after the cosmetics are contaminated by microorganisms, they will become smelly, deteriorated and moldy, and the product quality will decline. Water and oxygen are the factors affecting microbial growth. Most cosmetics contain oil components. The unsaturated bonds in the oil are easy to oxidize and cause deterioration (rancidity), and this oxidation is a chain reaction. As long as a small part of the oil starts to oxidize, it will cause complete deterioration of the oil. At the same time, peroxides, acids, aldehydes and other substances that are irritating to the skin will be produced, and the rancidity odor will be released. Oxygen is the main external cause of rancidity. Without oxygen, oxidation will not occur and cause rancidity. The increase of water will also cause the hydrolysis of oil and accelerate the automatic oxidation reaction. Moreover, water will provide a living environment for microorganisms, And reduce the activity of some antioxidants "At the same time, it is preparing to add sorting, cutting, grinding and granulation productivity in its Romeville headquarters factory. The preservation of aromatic gas is the focus of cosmetics packaging. For some cosmetics, the aromatic gas itself is the real product. If the aromatic gas is lost, the real products sold will disappear. Therefore, for cosmetics, it is of great significance to prevent the loss of odor.

it can be seen that Corrosion resistance, oxygen resistance and odor prevention are the key points of cosmetics preservation. The following tests need to be carried out on the cosmetics packaging: the speed of gas penetration into the packaging materials, the gas content inside the packaging, and whether the packaging is intact, that is, the barrier of the packaging materials, the headspace gas analysis inside the packaging, and the tightness of the packaging

1.1 barrier property

barrier property refers to the barrier effect of packaging materials on the penetration of gas, liquid and other penetrants through materials. Its quality can directly affect the quality of products in the shelf life, and it is also an important indicator to evaluate the shelf life of products. The barrier performance of packaging is one of the important testing items of cosmetic packaging, including the oxygen permeability, moisture permeability and organic gas permeability of materials. 5. The environmental test rate of safety and reliability of experimental equipment

oxygen permeability test is mainly used to measure the oxygen permeability of films, composite films, cosmetic bags, or bottles used in cosmetics packaging. At present, both differential pressure method and isobaric method can be used to detect the oxygen permeability of the film and the overall oxygen permeability of the package if such materials are quickly broken, but their detection advantages are different. The differential pressure method has no requirements for testing gas and can be used to detect the transmittance of any gas, but it is still in its infancy in the detection of packaging containers; Isobaric membrane detection technology and container detection technology have been quite mature. For example, l20% of new urban buildings meet the requirements of green building standards; Completed the heating metering and energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings in the northern heating area. More than 400million square meters of abthink permetm ox2/230 oxygen transmission rate test system was completed, but there were restrictions on the detection of gas

moisture permeability test is mainly used to measure the water vapor permeability of cosmetic packaging film materials, bottles, bags, cans and other packaging materials. Through the measurement of water vapor transmission, control and adjust the production technical indicators of packaging materials to meet the different needs of product application. At present, both weighing method and sensor method can be used to detect the moisture permeability of film and package. However, considering the test efficiency, the application of sensor method in package detection should develop more rapidly, such as Labthink permetm w3/330 water vapor transmission test system

fragrance retention performance, that is, the organic gas transmission rate of materials, is very important for cosmetics packaging, because once the fragrance of cosmetics is lost or changed, it will directly affect the sales of products. At present, the worldwide research on the fragrance retention of materials is still in the development stage. The permetm or2/410 organic gas transmittance test system newly developed by Labthink can form a certain organic gas concentration difference on both sides of the sample under the specified temperature conditions, and calculate the organic gas transmittance according to the amount of organic gas permeability

1.2 tightness

the tightness of packaging mainly refers to whether there is a leakage point in the packaging. Leakage refers to the gas leaking out or entering the package through the cracks, micropores or tiny gaps between the two materials. The probability of leakage at the heat sealing parts of the packaging bag and the bottle mouth of the container is high. To solve this problem, it is necessary to strictly control the production process and timely adjust the process according to the test data. There are two commonly used detection methods: positive pressure method and negative pressure method. Among them, the application of positive pressure method should be paid special attention, because it can not only detect the tightness of common packages, but also expand the test objects by using accessories. For example, Labthink paramtm lssd-01 leakage and sealing strength tester can detect the tightness of hoses, spray nozzles, bottle caps, open packaging and other samples by adding test accessories

1.3 headspace gas analysis

a small amount of air will remain in the package when the cosmetics are filled. However, it is difficult to use other technical means to control and change the gas composition inside the package from the end of filling to the opening of the package before using the product. The use of barrier packaging materials can only hinder the gas infiltration/exudation into the packaging materials, It can not eliminate the existing oxygen and other gases inside the package (excluding the addition of deaeration technology in the package). If the content of residual gas exceeds the maximum concentration requirements for product preservation, no matter how good high barrier materials and perfect sealed packaging forms are used, they cannot meet the requirements for product shelf life. Therefore, we need to detect the gas components remaining in the cosmetic packaging and adjust the packaging process accordingly

the detection of residual gas in packaging can be completed by Labthink paramtm hga-01 headspace gas analyzer. This equipment can be used to determine the content and mixing proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans and other packages. It is suitable for rapid and accurate evaluation of the content and proportion of gas components in packaging in production lines, warehouses, laboratories and other places, so as to guide production, Ensure product shelf life

2. Sales influencing factors of cosmetics packaging and appearance inspection

for cosmetics, the beauty of packaging appearance can directly affect consumers' recognition of brand and product quality. It is generally believed that first-class cosmetics should be equipped with commensurate first-class packaging. Therefore, all cosmetics brands invest a lot in their product packaging, In addition to ensuring the product quality, we pay special attention to the aesthetics of its appearance and the convenience of use. From the perspective of consumers, the printing and opening of the external packaging, the surface touch of packaging materials, the printing effect, and the appearance design have all become important considerations in the selection of products. However, these factors are closely related to the performance test of packaging materials except for the appearance design

2.1 printing quality

cosmetics have good visual aesthetics and are beautifully printed, so it is important to detect their printing quality. At present, the routine items for the quality inspection of cosmetics packaging printing are the abrasion resistance (scratch resistance) of printing ink layer, the inspection of ink adhesion fastness, and color discrimination. The ink adhesion fastness test and color discrimination have clear test methods, but attention should be paid to the wear resistance test. At present, China's standard test methods require the load block to move in a straight line, but the international standard requires the load block to move in a curve, such as ASTM d5264 (Labthink paramtm RT-01 friction tester). The tester should determine the test method to be used based on the export test needs

2.2 self adhesive label detection

self adhesive labels are widely used in cosmetics packaging. The test items are mainly aimed at the adhesion performance test of self-adhesive labels (self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive adhesive). The main test items include three indicators: initial adhesion performance, adhesion holding performance and peel strength (peel strength)

initial adhesion test: the inclined rolling ball method is used to test the initial adhesion of the sample through the adhesion of the adhesive tape to the steel ball when the steel ball and the adhesive surface of the pressure-sensitive tape sample have a short contact under a small pressure. The initial adhesion performance of the adhesive is characterized by the largest steel ball that can be adhered. The test panel with adhesive tape sample shall be vertically hung on the test frame for the adhesion retention test, and the weight of the specified weight shall be hung at the lower end. The adhesion retention performance of the self-adhesive label shall be characterized by the displacement of the sample adhesive after a certain time or the time when the sample is completely separated. The peel strength is an important index to measure the adhesive properties of self-adhesive labels. Usually, this index can be tested by electronic tensile testing machine or electronic peel testing machine

2.3 easy opening

bottle packaging is a packaging form used more in the field of cosmetic packaging. The locking and opening torque value of the bottle cap is one of the process parameters that the production unit offline or focuses on controlling. Whether the torque value is appropriate or not has a great impact on the intermediate transportation and final consumption of products. The opening and locking force of the bottle cap can be detected with the help of a torque meter. At the same time, the opening and locking force of the bottle cap should also be associated with the sealing test of the packaging

packaging bags are also widely used in the field of cosmetics, especially in small capacity packaging. Their easy opening mainly depends on the tearing performance, heat sealing performance and friction coefficient of the packaging materials. It should be noted that the clamping force provided to the material during the tear test is large enough so that the material will not slip during the test. However, when consumers actually open the packaging bag, if the friction force on the material surface does not match the tearing force of the material well, it is common that the opening slip phenomenon occurs when the grip is not large enough, which leads to difficulty in opening. In the design of packaging materials, these two indicators of packaging materials need to be comprehensively considered, and simulation tests under various grip conditions should be carried out

3. Summary

to sum up, according to the preservation requirements of cosmetic packaging, its performance test can be divided into two parts: content preservation and product appearance. Of course, the basic mechanical indexes of packaging materials must be met. Among them, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and odor prevention are the key points of cosmetics preservation, involving the barrier property of materials, headspace gas analysis and sealing test; The aesthetic degree of package appearance can directly affect the sales of products. The main influencing factors are the printing and opening of the outside of the package, the surface touch of the packaging materials, the printing effect, and the testing of the bonding performance of the cosmetic self-adhesive labels. Understand packaging materials and packaging materials

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