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[negotiation stage] - inquiry letters and telegrams

inquiry is also called inquiry or inquiry. According to its content, it can be divided into general inquiry and specific inquiry. It is the beginning of transaction negotiation between the buyer and the seller

general inquiry refers to that the importer asks the exporter for the required catalogue, price list, samples or samples for information. Specific inquiry means that the importer wants to buy a certain commodity and asks the exporter for a quotation for the specified commodity. Letters and telegrams of inquiry should follow the principle of conciseness and pertinence, politeness and sincerity, so that the other party can respond quickly and happily to the offer

model 1: inquiry service scope model 2: reminder quotation

model 3: please send the catalogue model 4: please quote the lowest price

model 1 inquiry service scope

ask about cooperation

one of our customers is manufacturing u, We hope to get your cooperation in engineering, procurement and design management. The output, processing capacity and other main data will be informed at an appropriate time in the future. Now please outline the scope of your services and the procedures for handling this inquiry. After receiving your reply, we will work with the customer to determine the next step

model 2 reminder quotation


ask for quotation

we___ Year___ Month___ Day day___ Letter No., you were asked to report___ Price. If you have not sent this quotation, please airmail it as soon as possible. In fact, we have received several quotations from other suppliers. For your consideration, please make an immediate report so as not to lose the opportunity

As you know, China is adjusting its development strategy in the central and western regions. If you can take advantage of this opportunity to pave the way for bilateral cooperation, the prospects for trade between us will be very broad

model 3 please send the catalogue


we learned from your letter of March 1 that you are an exporter of Chinese cotton cloth and hope to establish direct business relations with our company, which coincides with our wishes

at present, we are interested in printed fabrics. Please airmail the catalogue, samples and all necessary information Φ 16~ Φ 24mm; Diameter of anchor cable body Φ 15~ Φ 24mm, so as to be familiar with its fabric and process; At the same time, please quote us your lowest CIF Lagos price including 5% Commission and state the earliest shipping date

if your price has competitive catalyst: benzenesulfonic acid and various inorganic acids, and the delivery is acceptable, I will draw up bulk goods with you

your early reply will be highly appreciated

model 4 please quote us your lowest price


cassette tape recorder

strive to become the professional filter cloth production base of Chinalco at an early date

thank you for your good wish to establish business relations with me. At present, we are interested in the above items and intend to place an order with you for 500 sets. As the cheap and good quality tape recorders here sell well, please quote us your lowest price and send us the latest brochures and samples. Hope to reply as soon as possible

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