Inspection of the hottest crane components

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Inspection of crane components

1. inspection requirements for steel wire rope

steel wire rope are: the number of broken wires within one lay shall not exceed the specified requirements, and the wear and corrosion on the steel wire surface shall not exceed 40% of the original diameter; The steel wire rope shall be free from serious deformation such as kink, dead angle, hard bend, plastic deformation, hemp core detachment, etc; The length of the steel wire rope must ensure that the hook is lowered to the lowest position; The fixed pressing plates at the end of the steel wire rope shall be ≥ 2

2. pulley

the inspection requirements for the pulley are: the pulley rotates flexibly, is smooth and smooth without cracks, and the rim is free of defects and damage to the steel wire rope; When the uneven wear amount of the wheel groove reaches 3mm, or the wear amount of the wall thickness reaches 20% of the original wall thickness, the industry leading edge is 10 points obvious, or the diameter reduction at the bottom of the wheel groove reaches 50% of the diameter of the steel wire rope, the pulley shall be scrapped; The pulley cover shall be installed firmly without damage or obvious deformation

3. hook

the inspection requirements of the hook are: the surface should be smooth and free of defects such as cracks and acute angles; The hook shall rotate flexibly, and the positioning bolt and cotter pin must be fastened and intact; No crack is allowed on the dangerous section at the lower part of the hook and the undercut section of the coupler tail thread; The wear of the dangerous section shall not exceed 10% of the original size, the wear of the plate hook bushing shall not exceed 50% of the original size, and the wear of the spindle shall not exceed 5% of the original size

4. brake

it is necessary to clean the measuring instrument of the brake. The detection requirements of the work are: the action is flexible and reliable, the adjustment should be moderately elastic, without cracks, and the spring has no plastic deformation and no end edge; When the brake wheel is released, the clearance between the brake shoe and the brake wheel shall be basically equal; The braking friction surface of the brake wheel shall not have defects that hinder the braking performance; The unevenness of the concave convex of the wheel surface shall be.5 mm, the thickness wear of the brake wheel flange of the lifting and luffing mechanisms shall be less than 40% of the original thickness, and the wear thickness of the brake wheel flange of other mechanisms shall be less than 50% of the original thickness; Two sets of brakes shall be installed on the lifting mechanism of the crane that may cause major danger or loss after lifting hot metal, flammable and explosive dangerous goods or hook sliding

5. The detection requirements of limit limit and interlock device

limit limit limit and interlock device are: the over winch limit device shall ensure that the power supply can be cut off automatically when the hook rises to the limit position (electric hoist>o.3 M. double beam crane>0.5 m); The operating mechanism shall be equipped with travel limiter and mutual inductance limiter to ensure that the power supply will be cut off automatically when the two cranes travel 0.5 m away from each other and 0.5-3 m away from the limit end; When the cage (car) of the elevator (or elevator) crosses the upper and lower stations for 30-100 mm, the override switch shall cut off the circuit controlled by the company that has "one batch of these types of corn processing plants" in the region; When crossing the leveling position of the terminal station 130-250mm, the limit switch shall cut off the main power supply and cannot be reset automatically. Knife switch shall not be selected for limit switch; The crane of luffing type shall be equipped with a limiting device with maximum and minimum amplitude to prevent the boom from tilting forward and backward. When the amplitude reaches the maximum or minimum limit, the boom root shall touch the limit switch to cut off the power supply; The door cabin interlock protection device shall be installed outside the cab of the bridge crane, at the warehouse opening leading to the bridge and at the end beam doors on both sides of the crane

6. parking protection device

the detection requirements of parking protection device are: various switches are in good contact, reliable action and convenient operation; Buffers shall be installed at the traveling mechanism of the crane, the side of the four ends of the rail terminal column, and the limit position at the bottom of the travel of the elevator (or elevator); All buffers shall be installed firmly; The rail terminal stopper shall be able to withstand the impact of the crane during full load operation

7. signal and lighting

the detection requirements for signal and lighting are as follows: except for the electric hoist operated on the ground, all other cranes and elevators (house elevators) shall be equipped with sound signals. The shear test is divided into single shear and two-way shear test devices, and the manned elevator shall be equipped with sound alarm devices; All three phases of the main sliding line of the heavy machine shall be equipped with indicator lights in yellow, green and red; 24 V and 36 V safety voltage shall be adopted for lighting of crane cab

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