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Inspection of transport packaging products

1 Overview

wooden box is a rigid packaging container mainly made of wood materials, usually rectangular. Wooden case is one of the main containers for product transportation and packaging, which can be divided into ordinary wooden case, frame wooden case, sliding wooden case, plywood case, lattice visual case, etc. Wood packaging box is a kind of packaging widely used in China's export commodities. It plays an irreplaceable role in light industry, machinery and other packaging fields. The share of CFRP will increase to 67.2%

2. Production process

the production process of wooden cases can basically be divided into five steps: cutting logs or plates - cutting into the length used - batching panels - Nailing panels - assembling into boxes

3. Product quality

the wooden cases for export packaging shall meet the requirements of sn/t0273-93 inspection procedures for wooden cases for transport packaging of export commodities. In terms of material selection, the main load-bearing members shall be larch, masson pine, Ziyun pine, white pine, elm and other tree species with similar mechanical properties. The moisture content of the main load-bearing members shall not be greater than 25%, and the moisture content of the wood at the box plate and box stop shall not be greater than 20%

(1) material requirements: there shall be no more than 5 dead joints and live joints between the main stressed components and the box plate within 1000mm, and no corrosion, through cracks, skin inclusions, insect holes, mildew, blunt edges and other defects are allowed

(2) process: the joint of box and plate shall be tight, the combination of box and plate shall be flat without dislocation, the cloth nails shall be reasonable, the reinforcing strip shall not be less than 2, the printing shall be clear, the handwriting shall be clear, and the commodity inspection code shall be printed correctly

4. Performance test

see table 6-12-1

normal align=center> sum of length + width + height of wooden case mm

normal align=center> weight of contents kg

normal align=center> performance test items

normal align=center> ≤ 2600

normal align=center> ≤ 200

vertical impact drop, stacking

normal align=center>> 200

faces and edges angle drop, stacking

normal align=center>> 2600

normal align=center> ≤ 500

faces, edges Angle drop, stacking

normal align the overlapped side faces the rotating axis and is aligned with the scale mark =center>> 500

face, edge and angle drop, stacking, lifting

(1) vertical impact drop test: the test environment requires that the sample be pretreated for 24h under the condition of temperature 23 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity (50 ± 5)% and the test shall be conducted under this condition or completed within 5min after pretreatment

(2) drop height and times shall be in accordance with gb4857 The drop height of face, edge and corner shall be tested according to GB

(3) the stacking test shall be conducted according to the provisions of gb4857.31 generally using the electronic universal testing machine-92. The stacking height is 3.5m, the stacking time is 24h, and the deterioration coefficient is 2. The stacking quality shall be calculated according to the following formula:

m0 = K (h/h-1) × M1

where: M0 - Total stacking mass applied on the wooden box, kg

k - deterioration coefficient

h - stacking height, m

h - height of single wooden box, m


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