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The design features of the tilting blanking device of the automatic packaging machine are: the material door is in the left and right duckbill bucket type, hinged on the lower hopper through the connecting frame, and an empty bag is set on the back of the duckbill bucket type material door. The pneumatic clamping device is installed in the air, and the moving acceleration of the object is g. the moment when it just touches the spring is also g, and it has a downward speed. The movement below the ball is a simple harmonic motion, Pneumatic supporting and tightening devices are set on the side of the duckbill feeding door, and at the same time, they are set to mesh and coordinate the oscillating locust sector gears, planetary connecting rods and high-speed suspenders, which are mutually and waste measuring time. A material door swinging pneumatic device is arranged between the frame body and the duck beak bucket type. The advantage is that the bag clamping and cutting operations can be carried out in the frontier, so as to increase the success rate of bag loading and improve the packaging efficiency. The blanking device has simple structure and is easy to manufacture, and is suitable for blanking of full-automatic packaging assembly line. (packaging world)

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