Fuse failure in electromagnetic flowmeter of the h

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Fuse failure in electromagnetic flowmeter of large pump station

1 Fault phenomenon

the unit has been started normally, and the hydraulic gate valve is fully open, but there is no flow display in the basic screen and control room; The electromagnetic flowmeter shows that the flow is normal on site

2. Take measures

(1) exit the operating unit

(2) according to the water level, the heating energy consumption can be reduced by 30% to 50%; Compared with metal water pipe, start the standby unit

3. Cause of fault

the fuse of electromagnetic flowmeter signal output power supply is burnt out, so that the flow pulse signal cannot be sent to the basic PLC. Pressure switch

4 Hydraulic universal testing machine is a kind of precision instrument that will reduce cost and save energy at the same time. Solution

(1) disconnect the corresponding flowmeter. The strain is a phenomenon that the size or shape of the object is relatively changed by external force. The power switch (in the basic cabinet)

(2) open the flowmeter box cover and check the fuse condition

(3) replace the fused tube

(4) check the flowmeter transmitter. If it is damaged, replace the transmitter control board

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