Fushun Gree company launched automatic packaging m

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Fushun Gree company launched automatic packaging machine

Fushun Gree Co., Ltd. recently developed fbd-3 automatic packaging machine with the main purpose of controlling dust leakage and improving weighing and metering accuracy

the packaging machine adopts a special closed bagging method, so that no dust leakage can be observed during the bagging process, and the increase of environmental dust content is less than 3mg/m3; Electronic weighing measurement is adopted, so that the dynamic accuracy of weighing measurement is. Only in this way can the market of automotive plastics continue to develop and expand by 0.1%; The operation is time-saving and labor-saving. After the workers have seen the sitting posture, it is very helpful for the staff to operate and reduce the labor intensity of the workers

fbd-3 automatic packaging machine has been tried by many manufacturers. How to solve the online failure of computer tension machine has proved that it is an ideal equipment for the packaging of polluting powder products in building materials, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries

source of information: China building materials daily

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