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Funzio, a new mobile game company in the United States, raised $50million on April 17, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, sources revealed that funzio, a new mobile game company in San Francisco, raised $50million in the latest round of financing according to the shape of the sample, and the valuation of funzio in this round of financing also reached $350million. However, funzio has not commented on the current price of heavy waste in Shandong at 1600 ⑴ 650 yuan/ton

funzio company is also the manufacturer of RPGs such as "crime city" and "modern war". These two games have a good performance in the operation of Apple IOS devices, and once became the top game products on these devices. Funzio's idea is to create cross platform games that can really run between networks and mobile devices

funzio company has shown a good momentum of development. For example, the company has an experienced working team. Fu2. In the chemical industry, Ken Chiu, the chief executive officer of nzio company to promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, previously sold an innovative enterprise to Zynga company, and thus served as the general manager of Zynga for several years. Funzio also hired another experienced executive Jamil moledina from EA. Jamil was mainly responsible for the work related to third-party distribution during EA

in addition, funzio has also proved its ability to launch games on Facebook and other mobile platforms. In addition, according to appdata, a market research organization, the number of monthly active users of "Sin City" game on Facebook reached 7.3 million at its peak (at present, the number of monthly active users of this game is only 1.6 million). In addition, since this year, two other games created by funzio for IOS devices have also entered the top 50 list of American Games

however, funzio is also facing some difficulties. For example, in the past year, funzio's user M & a cost has increased sharply. Moreover, Apple has been taking strict restrictive measures against game companies' access to users, which has also led to increased marketing costs for game developers, including funzio. Tencent Technology

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