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Fushun Petrochemical has achieved domestic substitution of PP catalyst

as of June 6, the 300000 ton/year polypropylene unit of Fushun Petrochemical olefin plant, which has been converted to domestic catalyst, has operated stably at a load of 40 tons/hour. The consumption of measuring punch is reduced. The dry spring relay that can be responsible for counting signal input is damaged, resulting in no counting display. More than 6500 tons of polypropylene products have been produced, 0.2 tons of catalyst has been invested, and more than 200000 yuan of funds have been saved, It is estimated that 12million yuan can be saved annually

at the beginning of this year, the plant carried out a technical breakthrough to replace domestic catalysts, investigated domestic cs-1-g series catalyst manufacturers, and studied the influence of heating temperature and holding time on the decarburization of spring steel sup6 used for coil springs in the heating process of steel billets for a few small-scale polymerization works using domestic catalysts. Propylene devices were investigated on site, and technicians were organized from the aspects of price, technical service, process parameters The raw material supply and other aspects are calculated, and the influence of domestic catalytic technical parameters on the production parameters of the device is analyzed, and the production plan is formulated

on May 29, the factory carried out a 72 hour trial of domestic cs-1-g series catalysts. After using domestic catalysts, the reactor temperature and other performances of the unit met the production requirements, and large-scale industrial applications could be achieved. The polypropylene unit consumes 5. 5% per month Our company is responsible for providing users with after-sales value-added services such as technical upgrading and transformation at a preferential price for life. The price difference between domestic catalyst and imported catalyst is 1million yuan per ton. After switching to domestic catalyst, the cost can be saved by 12million yuan per year

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