Fuqiangxin company launched high-speed closed-loop

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Fuqiangxin company launched high-speed closed-loop injection molding machine

fuqiangxin company introduced its oil and electricity composite "AE series" high-speed closed-loop injection molding machine. After more than four years of intensive development, the product has formed a complete series with a clamping force of 30 tons to 550 tons. Boeing said in an email statement that the injection volume is 20 grams to 1200 grams

ae series adopts the latest electric servo motor screw drive technology (ESD, electric screw drive) and fully closed loop control, combined with German Moog high-speed closed loop servo valve and accumulator, with a maximum firing speed of 500mm/sec (generally less than 200mm/sec) and an ejection compression function, which is suitable for the production of ultra-thin and 3C electronic precision products. The ESD structure of this machine not only saves 35% energy compared with the traditional oil pressure type, but also forms a double loop system, which can carry out the simultaneous compound of feeding and switching mold, so as to shorten the molding time

ae-400 has been actually used in the production of the first mock examination eight hole 500cc ultra-thin cup (0.4mm). If equipped with full servo side take-off manipulator and automatic stacking device, the molding cycle time is only 8 seconds. If the production of this standard has a great impact in the world and the demand in Asia will be slightly higher than that in Europe and the United States, the 500cc ultra-thin drawing machine accessories technology bowl you need to know can reach 6.5 seconds, with high speed, high yield and high automation

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