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As the new year approaches, furniture enterprises are facing multiple exams

2017 is a year full of opportunities and challenges for the home furnishing industry. On the one hand, the drastic environmental protection policy forced the household industry to reshuffle, encouraging enterprises to gradually adapt to the new environment. On the other hand, with the promotion of supply side reform, how to adapt to the buyer's market demand in the new environment, eliminate backward production capacity, and achieve innovative development has become the only way for household enterprises to seek a breakthrough

key words: changing oil to water implements the strictest environmental protection regulations

in July 2015, Beijing's "emission standard of air pollutants for wood furniture manufacturing industry" was implemented, requiring wood furniture to reduce the use of oil-based paint and gradually replace water-based paint. In the past two years, consumers' demand for water-based paint has become increasingly strong, and many furniture enterprises have also begun to take "environmental protection paint" as the selling point of environmental protection and take the lead in taking countermeasures. For the whole furniture market, water-based paint is no longer "wolf" in 2017: the standard stipulates that after 2017, Beijing wooden furniture will be completely prohibited from using oil-based paint, otherwise it will not be sold in the Beijing market

according to the data released by China Paint Industry Association, the total amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted by the paint industry to the atmosphere every year is about 4.3 million tons, of which oil-based paint accounts for about 98% and water-based paint accounts for about 2%. It can be seen that water-based paint has obvious environmental protection advantages. It is reported that the purpose of Beijing's new standard is to promote enterprises to replace all organic solvent based coatings (oily coatings) used in the past with water-based coatings. If they do not replace them, they will completely withdraw from the Beijing market. According to the standard implementation date, the requirements of the second period will be implemented from January 1, 2017. At that time, the furniture manufacturing industry in Beijing will prohibit the use of organic solvent (oily) coatings to spray furniture products

key words: relocation site determination new plant construction

in the past two years, Beijing has faced the policy background of relieving non capital functions. Under the positioning of "four centers", the furniture manufacturing industry (including raw material producers in the home decoration industry) has become one of the business forms deeply affected by policy factors. At the same time, due to the serious environmental pressure faced by Beijing and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region in recent years, relocation is imminent, And some extensive small workshops that cannot afford the cost of relocation may be out of the picture; In addition, the increasing labor and land costs and the unstable market environment have not formed a more coordinated frequency, which has also led to increased pressure on household enterprises and accelerated the pace of relocation. For furniture manufacturing, a labor-intensive industry, the relocation of factories and the construction of industrial parks became a hot topic in the home furnishing industry in 2016. For example, keaido furniture, Qiangli furniture, oujialuni furniture and other enterprises have settled in Hangu Bohai Rim furniture park; Another example is that brands such as iris and Yifeng have settled in Beijing Tianjin home furnishing innovation industrial city in Lutai, Hebei Province; Another example is that the relocation of Ronglin home in East China base in Linyi, Shandong is nearing the end; In addition, the northern (Wulan can not meet the requirements of clinical utilization in terms of functionality, immunity, service life, etc.) home furnishing Industrial Park and Henan Lankao central home furnishing Industrial Park have provided Beijing style furniture enterprises with relocation options

key words: the channel is the horse race enclosure in the third and fourth tier cities

products are the arms of home enterprises, technology is the fortress of home enterprises, and the channel is the life supply line of home enterprises. In 2017, with the surging of the home market, the channel is still "the place of war". It has become the basic strategy of many home furnishing enterprises to continue to be based on the first and second tier markets with high purchasing power and high opportunities and continue to "run horse and enclosure" in the third and fourth tier markets with high capacity and high potential

with the development of mainstream consumer groups and the continuous change of information technology, the development of Internet channels in the home industry is extending from "conceptualization" to "phenomenon level". Due to the unique experimental results of the home industry, the output results can be set arbitrarily: the market characteristics of force and elongation, offline stores are still the core channel of current home sales in the short term, The trend of "perfect combination" between big brand home decoration furniture enterprises and brand stores will exist for a long time; The physical and mechanical property tests of plastic films such as furniture e-commerce and Internet home decoration, as well as rubber, wires and cables, steel, glass fiber and other materials are rising stars in material development, and as fresh blood, they have become potential forces in home business channels. In the future, the deep integration of online and offline will become the general trend

key words: innovative and original design has gradually become the driving force of enterprise development

like product quality, environmental protection standards and other elements, the demand of the consumer market for the design concept of household products has increased in recent years. Whether it's "European and American style" or "Chinese style", increasingly mature consumer groups expect their own "breeze" in their homes. The same furniture and home decoration era has become a thing of the past. In the future, enterprises that can leap out of Longmen in the market of one thousand people must devote themselves to design and R & D. With the increasingly personalized and differentiated needs of consumers, original design and independent research and development have become an important driving force and source for the development of furniture manufacturing enterprises. Facing the increasingly competitive market environment, furniture manufacturing enterprises must increase investment in R & D and innovation in order to make enterprises in an invincible position in the fierce competition. When furniture enterprises develop to a certain scale, original design often becomes an important module of the secret competition among enterprises. Especially in China, the methods and logic of vibration testing are constantly improved. The homogenization of furniture market is severe, and the original design is missing. Enterprises do not have their own core competitiveness. Enterprises with huge design power have absolute advantages in the market

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