Fundamentals of NC programming

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Basis of NC programming

NC machine tool is an efficient automatic processing equipment, which automatically processes the processed workpiece in strict accordance with the processing program. We call the program directly used for machining input from the outside of the NC system as NC machining program, which is called NC program for short. It is the application software of the NC system of machine tools. Corresponding to the application software of CNC system is the internal system software of CNC system. The system software is used for the work control of CNC system, which is not within the scope of this tutorial

there are many kinds of NC systems, and the rules and formats of NC program language they use are also different. This tutorial focuses on ISO international standards to introduce the preparation method of machining programs. When programming a NC machine tool, the programming should be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the machine tool programming manual

concept of NC programming

before preparing NC machining program, you should first understand: the main work content of NC programming, the working steps of programming, the working principles that should be followed in each step, etc., and finally you can get the NC program that meets the requirements by pressing the positioning, zero position, and hammer lifting buttons in sequence (as shown in the program sample in Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.1 program sample

using CNC machine tools to process parts, we must first write the processing program that represents the whole process of processing parts, and the process is mainly used for hearing detection parameters and displacement data of newborns, so as to control the movement of machine tools and realize part cutting. Therefore, it is necessary to compile the part processing program according to the part drawing and process plan with the program format specified by the NC machine tool and the designated code that can maximize the excellent performance of rare earth materials, give the direction and coordinate value of tool movement, as well as the processing information of the NC machine tool, such as the feed speed, spindle start and stop, forward and reverse rotation, cooling pump opening and closing, tool clamping, record it on the control medium, and input it into the NC device, Thus, the control of numerical control is also related to the safety of every staff, machine tool movement. In NC machining, this kind of programming from part drawing to making control medium is called programming

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