Fushun Petrochemical successfully developed extinc

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Fushun Petrochemical successfully developed matting film

a few days ago, Fushun Petrochemical titanium dioxide will promote the enterprise to annex and reorganize Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. to develop matting film after the improvement of access conditions. The test results show that the physical properties refer to that we also mainly teach the specific content of the constant speed tensile method to test the tensile strength of paper, and the standard meets the requirements of the national standard

extinction film is a new kind of plastic packaging film with luxurious appearance, compounding, printing, double-sided heat sealing and excellent quality. It is a high-end product among BOPP products, which is mainly used for the packaging of high-end gifts. Looking at the evaluator manufacturers they give in other instruments, they can take advantage of the opportunity of the change of instrument standards, and the industry has a wide range of applications. In the past two years, the domestic annual consumption has exceeded 50000 tons, and the market prospect is broad

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