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Flocking printing and printing difficulties introduction

flocking printing usually refers to a flocking technology similar to cotton fabric or carpet, which at first glance does not feel like printing. Also known as fluff printing or fuzzing processing, it belongs to a printing method that gives the effect of textile processing method on paper or cloth

for example, there is a self sewn cloth doll filled with cotton wool, which is printed with patterns on the cloth and has cut threads. The colored part is planted with fluff, which is cut out according to the cutting line and assembled to become a cloth doll

flocky means to stick the lint chips, and use static electricity to plant about 0.2mm-1.5mm short fibers on cloth or paper to obtain three-dimensional prints with patterns

the production method is to first use offset printing to print the ordinary pattern, then use silk printing to brush the paste on the part to be flocked, apply a negative charge, and sprinkle short fibers or dust made of rayon, nylon, wool or gold and silver powder on the positively charged electrode plate. Because the distance between the positive and negative electrodes is very short, the electronic tensile testing machine is also known as the electronic tensile machine, which uses the electrostatic principle of attraction between the positive and negative electrodes, Make the fiber adsorbed on the pattern brushed with glue and stand up

if the flocking material is a three-dimensional object, the glue paste can be sprayed on it with a spray gun, and the fiber can stand up with the help of static electricity

the difficulty lies in strength

the materials available for flocking include paper, plastic products, leather, wood products, ceramics, metal products, etc., and the fiber colors used for flocking include various colors except gold and silver

at present, in addition to the above cloth dolls, electrostatic flocking is also used for the lining of gem boxes, coasters, picture books for the blind, interior decoration of cars, etc. Although there are three topics to be solved to improve the quality of diaphragms that look like stickers: high porosity, film and the appearance of cloth and silk in production efficiency, there are actually many occasions to use printing

because electrostatic flocking basically relies on adhesive paste to adhere short fibers, if the viscosity of adhesive paste is not enough, the flocking strength will not be strong enough, so it will fall off due to friction. In view of this, electrostatic flocking printing is not suitable for patterns with thin lines

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