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Introduction to kge steel structure point type glass curtain wall system

kge structural glass system is a new building structural system that combines frameless reinforced glass building materials with various internal or external support structures using sophisticated kge mechanical connection mechanisms. It has the following characteristics:

improve the permeability of the building as a whole, and can show the barrier free visual effect in a three-dimensional way

break through the limitations of conventional forms, let designers give full play to their artistic imagination, maximize the individuality of the building, and improve the quality of the building

the special mechanism and material processing technology greatly improve the safety performance of the system, making its safety factor far greater than that of general framed or hidden framed glass building systems

after the electromechanical quantity of exquisite work is obtained, it often needs to be amplified. The mechanical connection components are perfectly combined with various forms of support structures, reflecting the harmony between refinement and ruggedness, and showing the extraordinary effect of modern architecture in three dimensions

the wide application of various glass materials has greatly enriched the color, function and style of buildings, and can be organically combined with other building systems to create the diversity of urban buildings

key technical points:

force transmission between rigid glass materials and structures with different degrees of flexibility

various mechanical analysis, research and calculation of ancillary structures and finished products

safety performance guarantee and safety can also realize the stretching, tightening, zigzag Cutting and other types of experimental protective devices

processing and installation accuracy control

organic combination with other building facilities and systems

unity of function and form, unity of safety and beauty, and clean surrounding environment

scope of application:

large exhibitions, conference centers, terminal buildings, stadiums

museums, theatres, greenhouses and other large entertainment and leisure buildings

halls, clubs Club

large commercial buildings, office buildings

urban sculpture, studio, stage, guardrail, screen and platform decoration, etc.

system development:

kge's structural glass system has a history of development and innovation for more than ten years. Over the past ten years, kge has made rich scientific research achievements and practical experience in this field, and has obtained dozens of domestic and foreign patents. With the official launch of the four seasons atrium project of Beijing National Computer Network Security Management Center, China's leading large-span single-layer cable structure glass project has entered the construction stage, and building materials transactions are active across the country, marking the official launch of kge's sixth generation structural glass system into the market

1992: kge was the first to carry out the research and experiment of building structural glass system in the mainland

1995: kge's leading generation of point curtain wall characterized by rigid support mechanisms and semi-rigid connectors was unveiled in Shenzhen OCT, becoming the first engineering case in mainland China to apply point supported glass curtain wall technology, Fill a gap in domestic construction technology

1996: the second generation kge structural glass system with flexible connection device between curtain wall and roof was applied in the new terminal building of Shenzhen airport, making the point supported building glass system popular in China and able to be applied on a large scale, And formed a new construction industry

1997: the third generation kge structural glass system with tie rod structure was applied on the central lighting roof of Beijing International Finance building. The project is famous for its multi sided diamond image

1999: the fourth generation kge glass system with tie rod structure was introduced and widely used in engineering practice

2001: China's leading fifth generation kge structural glass system using self balancing structural system came out of the laboratory and was put into engineering practice.

2002: the fourth quarter atrium project of the national computer network security management center using kge sixth generation pure flexible structural glass technology was started, which will fill the gap of large-area single-layer cable structure curtain wall and daylighting roof in China

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