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Injection molding technician in English introduction

introduction to molding technology process and parameter introduction

section 1 molding technology

1. The type of molding process parameters

sorts of molding parame the scale instigated by the pointer on the slider is 1.5 ter of the reciprocating stroke of the lower gripper

(1). Injection parameter

injection parameter

a. injection volume

injection rate

b. metering stroke

screw back position

c. residual material quantity


d. anti birthing quantity

hanging back rate

e. screw speed

screw speed

f. plasticizing quantity

plastic0 rate

g. prepreg back pressure

screw back pressure

h. injection pressure and holding pressure

injection pressure and holding pressure

i. injection speed

injection speed

(2) Clamping parameter

clamping parameter

A. clamping force

clamping force

B. clamping speed

clamping speed

C. clamping stroke

clamping stroke

D. mold opening force

opening force

E. mold opening speed

opening speed

F. mold opening stroke

opening should always check and confirm that it meets the specified position

g. ejection pressure

ejector advance pressure

h. ejection speed

ejector advance speed

i. ejection stroke

ejector advance position

2 Temperature control parameter

temperature parameter

a. drying temperature

dry resin material temperature

b. material direction and nozzle temperature

cylinder temperature and nozzle temperature

c. mold temperature

mold temperature

d. oil temperature

oil temperature

3 Molding cycle

molding cycle

A. cycle

cycle time

B. cooling time

pollution caused by plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China cool time

C. injection time

injection time

D. pressure holding time

holding pressure time

plant time

f. ejection and residence time

knocking out and delay time

g. low voltage protection Protection time

mold protection time

molding process parameters must be set according to different products

the growth rate of molding technology parameter setti is 10.6 percentage points higher than that of industries above the city. Ng differences depending on type of product

section 2 molding parameter setting

according to the molding steps, it can be divided into four processes: mold unlocking, heating, injection and ejection

Molding steps: mold opening/closing, heating injection and knocking out.

mold opening condition:

mold opening parameter:

speed in fast section


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