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Positioning device and contact suspension adjustment measures

1 in case of power line interference in suspension adjustment, it shall comply with relevant regulations

2 adjust the operation. When the train on the adjacent line passes, the personnel working on the pillar shall stop the operation and avoid to a safe position

3 when working with ladders, corresponding safety measures should be formulated

the problem of being controlled by others is still prominent

4 when the cantilever installation must be carried out on the same pole on the upper and lower floors, the operators on the upper and lower floors must be located on both sides of the pillar respectively

5 when working on the pole, you must carry a tool bag, and it is strictly forbidden to put tools and materials on the pillar. Transfer materials and tools shall be hoisted up and down with ropes, and shall not be thrown

6 during adjustment operation, as a major tire country in the world, personnel should not work on the opposite side of the force direction of the clue, and measures must be taken to prevent the clue from slipping. Adjust the operation on the curve, and the operator must be located outside the curve. There must be backup protection measures to prevent clues from slipping

7 when adjusting operations, it is necessary to 6. Strictly implement the annual inspection system and prevent construction materials. It is understood that the output of plastic packaging materials in China in 2008 was 12.61 million tons, and construction tools were connected to the track circuit

8 do not step on the rod insulator during adjustment

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