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Introduction to the packaging industry in France

the total output value of the packaging industry exceeds 800 billion euros, solving more than 105000 jobs. The organization of this industry has the following characteristics

1 glass packaging is very centralized

2. Plastic packaging is relatively scattered, but it is growing steadily

3. Wood packaging is mainly used in handicraft industry. Ron region in the Alps is the leading region in the packaging industry (more than 11% of the employees in the industry are concentrated here), which is characterized by plastic packaging. In addition, the spectrum is extremely wide (from a few 10 megabytes to thousands of megabytes), and ant Normandy plays an important role in the glass industry in view of this position. Because this electrochemical reaction is reversible, the main application fields of the packaging industry in France are the food industry (66%) and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry (12%)

France is the fourth largest instrument processing market in Europe after Germany, Britain and Italy, accounting for 13% of the market. Since 1998, the French food processing market has developed steadily with an annual growth rate of 5%-6%, and has grown into one of the most important industries in the French economy. The industry has 6000 enterprises and 220000 employees, with an output value of 388billion euros. The trade volume of the global packaging industry is US $42 billion. France is the third largest exporter in the world. After Germany and the United States, the export of French packaging industry is mainly to other European countries

the development trend of French packaging industry: the growth of plastic packaging use: increased awareness of environmental protection, such as the development of 100% biodegradable packaging

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