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Introduction to international general barcode

ean code

ean code is a kind of barcode for commodities formulated by the international article coding Association, which is commonly used all over the world. The ean code symbol has two types: the Standard Version (EAN-13) and the shortened version (ean-8). The general commodity bar code in China is equivalent to it. The bar code printed on the package of goods we buy everyday is generally ean code

upc code

upc code is a bar code for commodities formulated by the United States unified code Commission, which is mainly used in the United States and Canada. We can see it on the commodities imported from the United States

39 code

39 code is a kind of bar code that can represent numbers, letters and other information. It is mainly used for the automatic management of industry, books and tickets. At present, it is widely used

CodeBar code

3. When the electronic stepless speed regulation adjusts the lifting speed, the CodeBar code can also represent numeric and alphabetic information, which is mainly used for automatic recognition in the fields of medical and health, library and information, materials and so on. Two dimensional bar code:

the amount of information carried by one-dimensional bar code is limited. For example, the bar code on the commodity can only accommodate 13 digits (EAN-13 code) Arabic numerals, and more information can only rely on the support of the commodity database. Without the pre established database, this kind of bar code is meaningless, so it also limits the application scope of bar code to a certain extent. For this reason, two-dimensional bar code was invented in the 1990s. In addition to the advantages of one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code also has the advantages of large amount of information, high reliability, confidentiality and strong anti-counterfeiting

at present, two-dimensional bar codes mainly include PDF417 code, code49 code, code 16K code, data

matrix code, MaxiCode code code, etc., which are mainly divided into two categories: stacked or layered and checkerboard or matrix

As a new information storage and transmission technology, two-dimensional bar code has been widely concerned by the international community since its birth. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future. After several years of efforts, it has been applied in many fields, such as national defense, public security, transportation, medical care, industry, commerce, finance, customs and government management

relying on its huge information carrying capacity, two-dimensional bar code can include the information stored in the background database when using one-dimensional bar code in the past in the bar code, and the corresponding information can be obtained directly by reading the bar code. In addition, two-dimensional bar code also has error correction technology and anti-counterfeiting function, which increases the security of data

two dimensional bar code can compile photos and fingerprints in it, which can effectively solve the problems of machine readable and anti-counterfeiting of certificates. Therefore, it can be widely used in passports, ID cards, driving permits, military certificates, health certificates, insurance cards, etc

PDF417 technology has been adopted in more than ten states, such as Arizona, USA, such as driver's license, American military license, military medical certificate, etc. a few years ago. Compiling the personal information and photos on the certificate into the two-dimensional bar code can not only realize the automatic reading of the ID card, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of fake certificates. The Philippines, Egypt, Bahrain and many other countries have also adopted two-dimensional bar codes on their ID cards or driver's licenses. These building blocks on the passports of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China must be combined with the billions of Lego building blocks currently in use around the world. Two dimensional bar code technology is also adopted

in addition, there are also examples of using two-dimensional bar code technology to solve data input and prevent forgery and deletion of forms in customs declaration forms, long-distance waybills, tax statements and insurance registration forms

two dimensional bar code has also been preliminarily applied in some areas of China, such as certified public accountant certificate, automobile sales and after-sales service

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