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Suifu doors and windows can let you see the green path through the window, smell the fresh grass fragrance, listen to the catkins and birds, and touch the oncoming breeze

many families have such a window, which is called a casement window. This window is opened outward or inward according to the hinge installed on one side of the window sash and connected with the window frame, which can be divided into external casement and internal casement. This is a kind of traditional window, which is widely used. Suifu door and window Let me introduce you to the casement window


the main load-bearing members of the casement window are made of splicing materials or medium vertical materials, and these main load-bearing members will also be strengthened in the production process, so the wind pressure resistance is strong. The opening part of the casement window is generally locked with two-point lock and heaven and earth lock, and sealed with rubber strip, so its sealing, thermal insulation, water tightness, air tightness and other properties are superior


in combination with the overall style of the building, the casement window with strong lattice flexibility can make a variety of line facade effects. It is applicable to the high-level floors with strict requirements for the overall effect of the building, and meets the standard of designers seeking to coordinate and smooth the appearance of the building


the linkage hardware and handles arranged around the casement of the casement, and when various operations are carried out indoors, the perimeter or somewhere of the casement is fixed on the window frame all the time, which shows that the safety and anti-theft performance are excellent

high efficiency

there is a kind of casement window that opens inside and pours inside. Such a window can keep the indoor air fresh and eliminate the possibility of rainwater entering the room. Undoubtedly, it will create a more comfortable living environment for people

install casement windows at home. On a sunny day, open the window and breathe fresh air; On rainy days, let the window leak a gap to prevent rain from coming in. Casement windows are necessary at home, and the casement windows under Suifu doors and windows are a good choice





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