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How to prevent radiation during pregnancy is the concern of many pregnant mothers to be. At present, we already know that radiation has many adverse effects on the fetus in the abdomen, so for the sake of safety, expectant mothers need to do a good job of radiation prevention. So in the face of household appliance radiation everywhere in life, what can expectant mothers do to prevent their babies from being injured by radiation

1. Use computers with a certain degree

pregnant mothers had better use computers less and keep a distance of 60 cm from the display screen. It is best to wear special radiation protection clothes for pregnant women or add radiation protection screens to the computers. Try to replace the monitor with LCD, or use notebook computer. The placement of the computer is also very important. Try not to make the back of the screen face someone, because the strongest radiation of the computer is the back, followed by the left and right sides, but the front of the screen is weak

2. Shorten the time of watching TV

pregnant women should watch TV within two hours a day and as far away from TV as possible. At the same time, the standby time should be reduced. When the TV is out of use, it is best not to keep it in standby state for a long time, because weak electromagnetic fields can be generated at this time, and radiation accumulation will also be generated for a long time

3. When using the mobile phone, pay attention to

the mobile phone is best placed 3 meters away from the body, especially not on the abdomen. When charging your mobile phone, don't get too close to it. It's best to turn it off for charging. When the mobile phone is connected and charged, the electromagnetic radiation released is the largest, so it is best to answer the phone after the mobile phone rings for a second or two. Do not answer the phone when charging

4. Avoid using electric blankets

pregnant women should also pay attention to another radiation source, that is, electric blankets. Many pregnant mothers often use electric blankets for a long time in winter because they are afraid of the cold. You know, this is also one of the electrical appliances with serious radiation. After the electric blanket is powered on, it will produce electromagnetic waves that are enough to endanger the health of the fetus and baby. The hotter the electric blanket is and the longer it is used, the greater the impact on the central nervous system of the fetus and baby will be, and even deformities may be caused





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