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Under the trend of economic globalization, the competition in the wardrobe industry should not only face the pressure from the local market, but also face the competition from the global market in the future. However, in the eyes of the world, the impression of "made in China" winning with price advantage is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In order to realize the dream of "created in China", traditional manufacturing industries such as wardrobe must start with quality and quantity, and focus on technological innovation to promote the reform of China's overall manufacturing industry. The wardrobe manufacturing industry must start with quality and quantity, and the whole house customized furniture brand Deville

the popularity of foreign goods reflects the embarrassment of "made in China"

with the improvement of living standards, more and more Chinese people go abroad to see the world. In the past 10 years, China has become the country with the fastest growth in the number of tourists in the world. Chinese tourists have strong purchasing power, which has become a recognized fact in all tourist countries, and is jokingly called "a walking wallet". It is against this background that the new word "pop shopping" appeared in Tokyo, especially referring to the Chinese shopping spree in Tokyo

it is not difficult for us to guess the reason why many Chinese tourists go to Japan to scavenge goods, which is nothing more than good quality and low price. The price of the same goods in Japanese malls is more than one-third lower than that in China, and the larger the goods, the "more cost-effective". The most attractive thing for Chinese tourists is that they are genuine. It is not easy to buy "fake and shoddy" when shopping in Japan. In particular, in 2015, Chinese people competed to "buy" smart toilet covers in Japan, but it was pointed out that it was only an embarrassing "made in China". The popularity of domestic foreign goods has exposed that "made in China" products mainly rely on price advantages to win, but the investment in technology research and development is not enough. We can only rely on "fake" goods to seize the market, and do not do enough in product quality and after-sales service

starting from quality and quantity, we should focus on technological innovation.

in the eyes of the world, "made in China" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, while China, as the world's factory, has always had the dream of "made in China". To realize this dream, the "made in China" of the wardrobe industry still needs to find its own reasons. Why is it that the "foreign moon is rounder than China" that has been criticized for decades, and now the spring breeze is blowing again? I believe that "the quality of things bought in Japan is better", which should be related to Japanese services. Japanese businesses will not sell products with quality problems to consumers, which is difficult to do in China. In the case of the same products, it is the difference in service quality that makes Chinese and Japanese consumers have a very different understanding of quality. The difference in service quality makes people feel that "the moon of foreign countries is rounder than that of China"

to properly solve the problem of foreign brand products being popular in China, we should also pay more attention to innovation. As far as wardrobe businesses are concerned, they should gradually transform "made in China" into "created in China", which is the inevitable way for healthy economic transformation and even promoting the national economy to move towards a new level. Wardrobe enterprises should not be limited to the development thinking of "world factory". They can't afford to consume resources, bear the environment and delay development. It can be expected that when "made in China" becomes "created in China", The ubiquitous "China" in all medium - and high-end consumption fields in the world, including the Chinese market, can make tourists from all over the world proud of visiting China for "shopping", and wardrobe enterprises themselves are no longer troubled by "fake and shoddy" products

for enterprises in the wardrobe industry, if they want to move from made in China to created in China and show the exquisite skills of "Chinese ingenuity", they must pay more attention to product innovation and technology research and development. At the same time, they also need to work from many aspects, such as brand culture improvement, brand development and production manufacturing, to lead the development of the brand itself, so as to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to go abroad and go to the world

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