What kind of security door is good

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What kind of security door is good

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

the most difficult impression of anti-theft doors on society is the "anti-theft" function after all. What kind of security door is good? Today, Xiaobian will list them one by one for you

first of all, there should be base material in the anti-theft door pocket. Knock the side panel of the anti-theft door pocket by hand. If an empty drum sounds, it means that there is no base plate such as Blockboard on the bottom layer, which should be removed and redone

secondly, the paint film on the surface of the anti-theft door should be smooth and bright, without quality defects such as sags, bubbles and wrinkles, and without corrosion points, dead joints and broken parts

finally, the opening and locking of the door lock should be smooth, and the two parts locked on the anti-theft door leaf and the door frame should be consistent

a wide range of anti-theft doors may not give you the function of "anti-theft". Have you chosen the right anti-theft door? Does your security door meet superior standards

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