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What do you expect most from Apple's spring launch

the annual Apple spring conference is coming again. The conference will be held at 10 a.m. Pacific time on March 25 (1 a.m. Beijing time on March 26). As before, it will still be held at the jobs theater in Apple park. The slogan of this press conference is "it's show time", which is similar to the previous press conference in September, 2006. There are only differences in space and case (it's show is quite troublesome time)

some analysts believe that this conference will focus on "service" items, but it is certain that hardware product updates will be indispensable. It has been confirmed that Airp, which was released in the first half of this year, arranges graphene onto fabric. Ods2 may appear in this press conference. In addition, it is possible to see entry-level iPad, iPad mini5, iPod touch7, etc. now let's boldly predict the updated contents of these new hardware


according to the news circulating on the press conference, this conference will update the entry-level iPad product, which will be 10.2 inches in size. The updated iPad will still use the appearance design of the previous generation, retaining the touchid and 3.5mm audio interface. If this is the case, the updated iPad will not use the full screen design and face ID function

in addition, it is possible to launch a new 10.5-inch iPad. This product will not be the same as the iPad pro, nor will it be released at the same time as the new 10.2-inch iPad. So, will Apple's new iPad use 9.7 inches, 10.2 inches or 10.5 inches

however, for ordinary consumers, I don't think the screen size will affect the sales much. After all, the entry-level iPad is used for volume. In terms of price, it is estimated that it will be around us $329, which is similar to the current price, and there will not be much difference

ipad Mini 5

ipad Mini is the first product circulated to be released at this spring conference. After all, the previous generation ipad Mini was launched in 2015. It has not been updated in the past four years. It is still equipped with a very old A8 processor. Earlier, it was rumored that the new ipad Mini would have very big changes, including four stereo speakers, the flash of the rear camera and the smart interface

however, as time goes by, more and more information shows that the new ipad Mini will not change much. The recently exposed iPad mini5 protective case shows that the positions of speakers, charging ports, headphone jacks and rear camera holes are similar to those of the current iPad mini4, except for the microphone

in addition to the new processor, some friends found from the developer code that the new ipad Mini will support applepencil and smart keyboard. If it is equipped with the latest A12 or a12x processor, and the price can be similar to the old model, this product is expected to sell very well

ipod touch

ipod touch has also not been reported for three years. If Apple's press conference focuses on streaming media services, I believe it also needs a device that focuses on streaming media services, then iPod touch just meets the standard

recently, someone exposed the engineering schematic diagram of the 7th generation iPod touch. It can be seen from the figure that this generation of iPod touch does not have bangs, so it does not provide face ID function. The screen is about 4.9 inches, slightly larger than the iPhone 8. There is a single camera on the back. Like the iPhone 8, there are microphones and speakers at the bottom. It is reported that the new iPod touch will be available in 128G and 256g versions, and support 3G/LTE modules. In other words, using third-party hardware such as "apple skin" will enable the iPod touch to have a call function

however, this product is most likely to disappear in the spring launch. It is likely that Apple has abandoned the iPod Touch Series internally. After all, there are many strange points in the engineering drawing, especially the two camera openings on the back. But all this will not be known until Apple's spring launch in the early morning of March 26

airpods 2

in addition to these, of course, there is the airpods 2 that has been published. This headset has been highly sought after by consumers since its release. My friend still purchased the first generation product when he knew that the second generation would be updated soon, which proves that the product power of this headset is very excellent. However, after 2 years of use, many constructive suggestions will be put forward, such as Color

according to the information given above, the new airpods 2 supports wireless charging. It is really convenient to put the box directly into the hopper of the mortar tensile testing machine. No sundries can enter the hopper on the wireless charging base. It also adjusts the volume and other convenient and practical functions. The most important thing is that it also provides The black version, it is reported that the airpods 2 will use a special layer with frosted feel to increase the feel

however, with more functions, the selling price will certainly rise. The estimated price of the airpods 2 should reach 1500 yuan. However, if there is a big guy who has a budget of 1500 yuan, will he consider this airpods 2


will the airpower wireless charging board, which has skipped tickets countless times, appear at this spring conference? Since airpods 2 supports wireless charging, is it not far from the wireless charging board

compared with the wireless charger available on the market that can only charge one product, this airpower can charge all Apple's products at the same time. However, I don't know whether Apple has solved the problem of battery heating this time. It is precisely because the battery heating is huge and unsafe that this airpower has frequently skipped tickets and hasn't been released yet

according to the above news, this product will be launched in the spring with 8-7-7 coil configuration. The cushion will be thicker than originally expected, but it is flat. Presumably, consumers won't mind too much. In addition, this airpower will have an exclusive function. Are you excited by the big guys of apple family barrel


in a word, the annual Apple spring conference is only one week away from us. The above products should have a great chance to meet with you. In addition, there are other products such as MAC and iPhone se2. I don't know what consumers expect most? My most anticipated product is the unlikely iPhone se2

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