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What does the world robot competition bring to Wuhan original title: what does the world robot competition bring to Wuhan

Hubei all media tangxiao'an Zhu Hui Li Yuan

on July 29, the four-day "2018 World robot competition finals" ended in Wuhan

why did the competition settle in Wuhan? What did it bring to Wuhan and what did it inspire

an important platform to spread the good voice of Wuhan

on the afternoon of July 29, Tim from New Zealand could not wait to send good news to relatives and friends thousands of miles away when he received the results announced by the organizing committee

tim was the leader teacher of the New Zealand team. He led eight teams to participate in the "blue planet" robot project competition. Finally, they won the champion of the junior middle school group and the champion and runner up of the primary school group

over the past few days, nearly 5000 contestants and nearly 5000 spectators have sent live messages via we media every day, so that people in the "global village" as far away as India, Russia, Britain, France and other countries can understand the grand occasion of the competition for the first time. "While letting people at home and abroad know that Wuhan has yellow crane tower and East Lake greenway, it also conveys to the outside world that Wuhan Development Zone is building a 'robot city'." On July 28, pengbaolin, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the "2018 World robot competition finals", said that Wuhan Development Zone has a good environment for developing the robot industry. In particular, the successful holding of the "2017 world robot competition - robocom Youth Challenge national finals" in July 2017 attracted the attention of the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology. After approval, the "world robot competition finals" will be permanently settled in Wuhan from 2018

in the past year, the Organizing Committee of the competition has carried out extensive competition publicity and selection around the world. Finally, more than 5000 players and 1200 teams were selected from more than 50000 applicants from more than 20 countries and regions through screening and regional competition to participate in the finals. "The process of global promotion is the process of promoting Wuhan and Wuhan Development Zone." Pengbaolin said

build a global carrier for industry university research cooperation

the theme of this competition is to face the world, gather elites, and achieve talent introduction, research promotion and business development through competition

Wuhan Development Zone hopes to attract a batch of capital and technology from big data, cloud computing, industrial IOT and other fields to settle the internal leakage augmentation technology and talents of the hydraulic system of the universal experimental machine, jointly build the robot industry ecosystem, and build Wuhan into an important domestic and globally influential robot industry base

looking back at the whole competition, the expected goal initially appeared

26, "the finals of the 2018 robocom international high end talent entrepreneurship competition" was held in Wuhan Development Zone. The full name of the project is plasticpackagingrecyclingusingintelligentseparationtechnologiesformaterials (PRISM). As an important part of this competition, it has attracted 15 top entrepreneurial projects from Britain, the United States, Germany and other places that have been tested well. While showing the broad application prospects of robots in the future, 9 entrepreneurial projects have signed contracts with enterprises in Wuhan Development Zone

as another part of the competition, the "2018robocom Auto City academician expert forum" was held in Han on the 27th. The participants were all top academicians and experts in the world. For example, zhangjianwei, academician of the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg, Germany, was the top R & D expert of international intelligent robots and had a wide influence among European Chinese professionals; Wangfuming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, is the founder of the international engineering "hospital"

"take the opportunity of the competition to invite the world's top academicians and experts to come to Wuhan for diagnosis, and pass on Wuhan's determination to develop the robot industry to the world's top talents and teams through them, which will attract top talents to come to Wuhan for innovation and entrepreneurship." Pengbaolin said

industry analysts believe that this competition gives full play to the role of technology exchange, application promotion and talent training platform, and has made due contributions to promoting international cooperation and development of robotics and industry

to develop the robot industry, we also need to look at the competition between regions. The essence is talent competition

another goal of this competition is to stimulate the innovation kinetic energy of teenagers, the most dynamic group in the future, expand their imagination space, and make them hot and object. Nylon contains some PE AI technology

pengbaolin introduced that the 12 events set up in the competition, including Star Trek, siege and defense, small hand exploring the world, 3-on-3 small football matches and underwater robot collaborative competition, fully considered the interests and characteristics of children of different ages. Practice has proved that once the innovation kinetic energy of teenagers is stimulated, their vitality will fully surge. This year, the number of finalists in Wuhan increased by 10 times compared with last year, and the number of representative teams increased from 20 last year to more than 200, reflecting the importance attached by all parties after last year's competition, and the competitive level has been greatly improved. At the same time, the wonderful competition will "pull out" a few children from their addiction to online games

the competition and expert forum also remind the government and relevant departments that Wuhan should not only focus on industrial robots, but also on service robots to develop the robot industry. In the future, the medical, training and education robot industry will be a blue ocean

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