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How much do you know about these nine kinds of unusual paper?

the world is so big that there are no surprises. Paper has many other uses besides being used as packaging material for writing. This article will take you through the 9 kinds of unusual paper in the world and show you the wonderful paper

graphite tempered paper

recently, Sydney University of technology in Australia announced a new scientific research achievement: in fact, graphite tempered paper. This graphite "paper" with the same thickness as ordinary paper is 10 times harder than the steel sheet with the same thickness. The researchers crushed and purified the graphite through chemical treatment, and then reshaped the molecular arrangement structure so that a large number of molecules can be gathered together, and finally pressed into graphite tempered paper. This new carbon material has a bright future than the carbon fiber which is still a high-end manufacturing industry. Its ultra light and ultra hard properties will have a far-reaching impact on the automobile, aircraft manufacturing and other industries

hanebisho toilet paper

can be called the most expensive toilet paper in the world, with a barrel of three rolls of 51 US dollars. In recent years, it is the imperial product of the emperor of Japan. However, hanebisho toilet paper is really outstanding. It is made from the best wood pulp fiber in Canada and the river water of nyodo River, the highest quality and clearest in Japan. The production process is extremely fine. If the temperature is too high, the bottom of the paper will be scorched. Only a moderate temperature can ensure the softness of the paper. After the paper is made, the craftsman and master shall sign on it and the production date, and the specially assigned person shall send it to the chairman of the company to personally experience it on the skin, so as to check and accept it. After passing the inspection, the toilet paper will be sent to the designer who designed and built the chemical materials such as caprolactam, nylon 6, fluoropolymer, etc. the most sophisticated designer will print the most sophisticated patterns on the profile of the pin plate friction and wear tester for decoration, and also ensure that the toilet paper is still very stylish no matter where it is torn

anastasia Elias is a full-time illustrator from Paris who is good at creating beautiful small worlds on discarded toilet paper reels. She will cut out various patterns with paper of the same color as the scroll, and then use tweezers to carefully paste small trees, people and animals into the scroll to create a hierarchical three-dimensional scene. In the dim light, these scenes are still very vivid, as if telling us a simple life story

vegetable paper

vegetable paper is a kind of convenient food emerging in recent years. It is a kind of food easy to store, transport and rich in nutrients, which is made of fresh vegetables with low calorie, rich in vitamins, minerals and crude fiber. After pretreatment, it is processed into paste, added with appropriate adhesives, dried and rolled. Its shape and size are similar to that of an ordinary business card. When eating, you can combine twoorthree slices of different types and colors. This kind of food not only retains the flavor and nutrients of raw materials, but also has the characteristics of low sugar, low sodium, low fat and low heat. It is crisp and delicious, has unique flavor, is convenient to eat, and has a long storage period. It is a new food loved by consumers

there is no doubt that everyone's attitude towards paper money is very complicated. They love and hate it. I don't know how to feel if brother Zhiqian knows. The manufacture of paper money is not a simple process. In a banknote printing factory, there are many processes, such as making watermark, adding colored fiber, making yin-yang complementary patterns, adding Braille dots, etc. the printed banknotes are a whole large sheet, and finally go through the processes of cutting, counting, binding, etc. Finally, these printed banknotes will be transferred, and the last process is to print the serial number

fire resistant paper

as the saying goes, fire can't be wrapped in paper, but this saying doesn't work on this kind of paper. "Refractory paper" is developed by zhuyingjie, a researcher of Shanghai Institute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the scientific research team led by him. The paper is a hydroxyapatite compound. It has high flexibility, can be arbitrarily curled, can not be burned, and can withstand high temperatures above 1000 ℃. Its surface is soft milky white, but feels the same as ordinary paper. It can be torn, folded and destroyed with strong acid

carbon fiber conductive paper

carbon fiber conductive paper is made of carbon fiber, wood pulp and synthetic fiber pulp, which are uniformly dispersed together by scientific methods through wet papermaking technology, so that it has the functions of uniform conductivity, anti-static, anti shielding, etc

nano paper

nano paper is a new type of paper based on filter paper and titanium dioxide film. By soaking and hydrolyzing the precursor solution, the titanium dioxide film can be wrapped on the nano fiber of the filter paper, and then the solution containing other chemical molecules can be used to continuously soak the nano paper, so as to produce new materials for different purposes. This material can continue to combine with a variety of chemical molecules and show different characteristics, so as to achieve "versatile" in material application

aramid paper

aramid paper is widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, radome, secondary stress structural components, insulation and other parts, and plays a decisive role in national defense materials. In addition, it is also an important material in Electromechanical, electronic, communication and other fields

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