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Marathon, what did we lose

introduction: the Beijing marathon was held as scheduled in Beijing yesterday, and China won the championship of this event for the 22nd time in a row. The top three in the men's group broke the game record of 27 years. However, some special scenery outside the competition has become something worth pondering after the competition. While we achieved good results, we also lost some spiritual things

such as billboards, furniture, electrical appliances

toilet less long line marathon runner urine red wall

pictures of collective urination of Beijing marathon runners caused heated discussion; Some contestants suggested adding mobile toilets. Some contestants called it the Beijing marathon tradition. Beijing News (Li Ning) yesterday, the 2013 Beijing marathon started. This year, more than 30000 people signed up for the competition. Where to go to the toilet has become a focus. Yesterday, a group of contestants stood by the wall to urinate. The photos were circulated. The contestants stood in a row and solved the problem on the red wall and green belt along the way. There was a lot of water on the ground. Some people doubt that the reason for urinating everywhere is that there are few mobile toilets; It is also said that many people urinate on the spot because of this tradition

last night, the Beijing News called the organizers of the Beijing marathon on this matter, but no one answered

Chinese and foreign players' collective on-the-spot analysis

yesterday, a group of pictures caused many people's heated discussion. In the picture, a row of men in bright sportswear stand in a row facing the red wall or the green belt. The red wall is wet and the green belt is wet. There are not only Chinese but also foreign players who urinate collectively

it has been confirmed by many parties that many men in this group of pictures are indeed runners participating in the 2013 Beijing marathon. Ms. Wang, a contestant, said that shortly after the start of the competition, some contestants ran to the wall near Chang'an Street to urinate. This situation also happened occasionally along the way

according to Mr. Zhou, who has participated in marathon activities for many years, I have heard that Beijing marathon has the tradition of standing on the roadside to urinate. In recent years, the situation has been similar. I don't know why it is so hot this year. Mr. Zhou said that marathon runners themselves sweat a lot. The need to go to the toilet is no longer great until the beginning of the experiment. Some people think it is a tradition to go (urinate)

many people lined up in front of the mobile toilet

it is understood that 30000 people signed up for the Beijing marathon this year, 15000 people took part in the whole course (42.195 km), 7000 people took part in the half marathon and 8000 people took part in the mini run (4.2 km). The top male marathon runners also run for more than 2 hours, while amateurs usually take hours

there is a mobile toilet set beside the track. When I was running, I saw a lot of people waiting in line. Ms. Wang said that she was not sure about the number of toilets. Miss Yu, who has participated in the two-year marathon race, said that after running through Zhichun Road, some people can also be seen urinating in some green belts and grass. The number is not very large, just a few people


at the Beijing International Marathon, some participants urinated everywhere as a sight, and some people joked that urinating on the red wall was the tradition of the northern marathon. On the one hand, we should remind individuals to pay attention to civilization, and on the other hand, we should also review why the organization does not provide sufficient facilities to avoid embarrassment? Individuals should not urinate anywhere, and public services should not be casual


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the number of mobile toilets is too small

search on the station found that after the 2010 Beijing marathon, some contestants questioned the service level of the Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee on their blogs. The blogger put forward five suggestions, one of which is that there are few mobile toilets

30000 people and service personnel all have the need to go to the toilet. The number of mobile toilets on the square is still as small as in previous years, and many players have to queue in long lines. The blogger said that as early as 2010, some people urinated near Chang'an Street

however, many competitors said that they did hear that the Beijing marathon has a tradition of urinating on the spot. Mr. Hu said that although there are toilets in the square, the number is too small

Mr. Hu, a contestant, agrees with many friends that urinating on the spot is a tradition. Maybe they think it's fun

1981, Beijing marathon was first held. Since then, it has been held once a year. It has developed into one of the world's top ten marathons. This is because its two large upstream chemical projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Saudi Arabia were completed and put into operation last year. This year is the 33rd anniversary of the event

■ relevant

more than one ton of garbage was swept out of Tiananmen Square

according to the staff who cleaned up the garbage in Tiananmen Square, yesterday, more than one ton of garbage was cleared from Tiananmen Square, and it took more than an hour to clean up

Miss Yu said that after the marathon started, there were a lot of garbage such as water bottles and raincoats on Tiananmen Square. After running for a while, many people throw away their raincoats. Water bottles are usually thrown on the roadside. There are many raincoats in the middle of the square and the road

near the supply station in the middle, there are a lot of discarded water bottles and cups, and there are also a lot of garbage at the bird's nest at the end. Miss Yu said that many players directly throw their water on the roadside after drinking

Mr. Hu, a contestant, does not think that throwing garbage is related to morality. All the contestants come here for the competition. This year, 30000 people participated in the competition, and there are many contestants. If each contestant throws his or her water into the garbage can after drinking, there may be collisions and other accidents, which will also affect the competition

Mr. Hu said that the organizing committee should have more sense of service. It should be the responsibility of the organizing committee to clean up garbage, which has nothing to do with personal morality

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