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What do consumers think of the generic name of the drug replacement packaging specification

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since october1,2007, the instructions and labels of drugs produced by all pharmaceutical enterprises in China must be made in accordance with the newly revised regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels. The regulations require that the generic name on the drug package must be clearly marked, and the single word area of the trade name shall not be greater than 1/2 of the generic name, and have strict and specific provisions on its location, font and background color. The regulations specifically require that unregistered trademarks and drug names not approved by the State Food and drug administration shall not be used in drug instructions and labels. The scope of use of drug trade names shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the measures for the administration of drug registration. Except for drugs with new chemical structure, new active ingredients, and drugs with compound patents, other varieties shall not use trade names. If the same drug produced by the same drug manufacturer has the same ingredients but different dosage forms or specifications, it shall use the same trade name. In drug advertising, the trade name shall not be used alone, nor shall the text-based trademark used as the trade name without approval be used

don't change the packaging and raise the price.

Beijing Lao Yang cleaner

due to my limited economic ability, I generally don't care about the packaging of drugs when I buy drugs. I don't have any research on the packaging of drugs. In my opinion, the packaging is only the appearance after all. The key is to see the quality of drugs. Drugs must be real. As long as the medicine can cure the disease, the packaging is almost nothing

the worry is whether the price of drugs will also increase after the drug packaging is changed. I used to buy a kind of medicine to cure gastric ulcer, but last year it seemed that the packaging was changed, and the price of the medicine increased by 5 yuan. After half a year, it would cost a lot more money, and this kind of medicine must be taken frequently. For us low-income people, it would be a big burden to use nearly one million recycled plastic bottles. I hope this time it's just a change of packaging, not a rise in the price of drugs

I will pay more attention to packaging in the future

employees of Ms. Niu company in Henan

I didn't know much about drugs before because they were too professional. I personally believe that although packaging is not the core part of drug management, it is also one of the most important parts of drug management after all. When I buy drugs, I will pay more attention to advertising varieties or famous brands. I fully support this policy of the state. As an ordinary consumer, I very much hope that the drug packaging, according to maqianli, director of the technology center, will become more and more standardized in terms of labels and instructions. While ensuring the quality of drugs, it will bring more comprehensive, accurate and easy to understand medication information to customers. After all, the market has been very difficult for customers to purchase and use drugs. At present, the quality of drugs is worrying and seldom bought. Generally, the products produced by famous brand manufacturers are satisfactory in terms of drug quality and packaging

when I went to the drugstore to buy drugs recently, I did find that the packaging of some drugs was different from that in the past, so I looked up and found out the difference between the generic name and the trade name of drugs. It turned out that many drugs with seemingly different names are actually the same kind of drugs, with the same function and efficacy. Previously, I didn't pay attention to the mystery when buying drugs because I didn't understand it. In addition, the trade name on the packaging is really more eye-catching than the generic name, I seldom make a distinction when buying medicine. It seems that we should carefully check the drug packaging when buying drugs in the future

hope that the management will be more and more standardized

the constant introduction of the provisions on drug packaging of Shandong Laowang civil servant will undoubtedly play a great role in further standardizing drug management. The drug packaging and label contain a very rich amount of information. Take the instructions for example. In the past, some instructions were vague about the usage and dosage, and some even required patients to perform more complex calculations to calculate the dosage they should take. The rough outer packaging and poor packaging quality of some drugs will inevitably affect the transportation, storage, storage and use of drugs, and sometimes shorten the effective period of drugs, resulting in drug damage

drugstores should do more explanation work

it is undoubtedly a good thing for people to change the packaging of drugs and standardize management. As drugstore operators, how do they view this issue? For this reason, we interviewed houhuamei, head office manager of Harbin health medicine chain Co., Ltd

Hou Huamei: the change of drug packaging will not have a great impact on the regular people in some drugstores. Because regular customers trust drugstores, it is easy to explain to these consumers; As for other consumers, they may have to spend a lot of time explaining the new national regulations, especially the elderly, who have a poor ability to accept new things. Before all the packages of certain drugs are changed, they often go to other pharmacies to buy old packaged drugs. Therefore, in the transitional stage when the drug packaging is not completely replaced, customers will inevitably have doubts, which requires the staff and pharmacists to explain patiently to eliminate their doubts. Once the drug packaging is replaced, all pharmacies sell the newly packaged drugs, and the problem will be solved

generally speaking, older consumers pay more attention to the relevant information on the drug packaging. For the drugs sold in our drugstore, the drug packaging of some manufacturers has been changed last year, for example, Fenbid of Sino US Tianjin Shike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been changed to ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, and tianrick of Qingdao Haier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been changed to phenaco tablets, In addition, henghetec of Jilin Liaoyuan Yadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been changed into Pediatric Paracetamol Huang Namin tablets, etc

in my opinion, the replacement of drug packaging and the standardized marking of common names will further improve the professional quality of shop assistants. Especially at the stage when consumers do not know why to replace the packaging, they should apply professional knowledge to explain to them the differences between common names and trade names, and why drugs from different manufacturers are called the same name, After one year, the profit will exceed 100000 yuan and the new national regulations will have any benefits for people to buy medicine. Since the professional knowledge involved in changing the packaging of drugs is relatively strong, since last year, we have conducted training for shop assistants on the relevant knowledge of changing the packaging of drugs

our peers all agree that this new national regulation is very good, so people have a better right to know, so they can purchase drugs more rationally

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