What does the hottest cabinet hardware include

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What does cabinet hardware include

what does cabinet hardware include? In fact, for the overall cabinet, there are many hardware parts, and some hardware parts are also very important. The hardware strength unit of the cabinet is t, kg, N, kn, G, LB, and the deformation unit is mm, cm, inch What is the selection method? Let's take you to know

1. Hinge

hinge is commonly known as hinge. In the process of frequent opening and closing of cabinet doors, hinge is the most tested. At present, the plunger movement in the market is blocked; Most of the hinges seen on the are removable, which are divided into two parts: the base and the buckle

2. Drawer slide rail

whether the drawer can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, to what extent, to what extent, to what extent, and whether it will tip over depends on the support of the slide rail. From the current technology, the bottom slide rail is better than the side slide rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. When choosing a cabinet, the steel quality of the slide rail is also the most important. A good cabinet drawer can be pulled out completely without turning over and falling off, and the disassembly is simple

3. Hanging code

in cabinet hardware, the hanging parts of the hanging cabinet are the main force to support the hanging cabinet. The hanging piece is fixed on the wall, and the hanging code is fixed on both sides of the left and right upper corners of the hanging cabinet. After hanging, it can be adjusted up and down, front and back. Finally, the 'cabinet body combiner' is added to ensure the fixing quality and use effect

4. Foundation

the kitchen floor is relatively damp. The high-quality metal foundation has the function of moisture-proof and prolonging the service life of the cabinet. The inferior ambry in the market uses recycled plastic foundation. After a period of use, the cabinet will lose its balance and collapse due to aging, resulting in the fracture of the artificial stone table, and the ambry can no longer be used

how to buy cabinet hardware

the details of the cabinet are also very important. After grasping the overall style and material selection in the general direction, the details can not be ignored. In the hardware purchase of the cabinet, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. The handle

although the handle is only a small part on the surface of the cabinet, its collocation can also become the highlight of the cabinet. The handles of different styles can not be generalized, For example, the copper handle with fine flower patterns is often more suitable for European decoration, while the rural decoration with ceramic handle is more refreshing

2. Basket pulling

in 18 years, the domestic waste paper and imported waste paper need about 81.67 million tons

the demand for scrap steel still has support in a short time

although basket pulling has been hidden in the cabinet, it is these hidden elements that can inadvertently reveal the owner's fashion taste. The selection of basket pulling not only pays attention to texture, but also needs to pay attention to design. The reasonable division of storage space can make the cabinet more functional

3. Hinge

the cabinet door is often opened and closed, so the hinge quality of the cabinet directly determines the convenience of use. It should be noted that when buying the hinge, it is better to choose a large brand with good reputation, so as to have sufficient quality assurance, so as to ensure that the overall quality of the cabinet is no problem

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