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On September 10, CNR Beijing reported that in August last year, China established a national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee to provide strategic decision-making advice for promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Yesterday, the 2016 expert forum on building a manufacturing power hosted by this committee was held in Beijing. This 252 steel reinforced concrete composite structure is the first expert forum held since the establishment of the committee, which has gathered many heavyweight guests from the field of Chinese manufacturing

Miao Wei: manufacturing is the main battlefield of supply side structural reform

focusing on the theme of the Forum on supply side structural reform and manufacturing quality, efficiency and upgrading, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in his keynote speech that manufacturing is the main battlefield of supply side structural reform

Miao Wei: looking back at the 60 years since the founding of new China, in the first 30 years, the problem of manufacturing industry from scratch has been solved, and a relatively complete industrial system has been built. It took more than 30 years to solve the problem of the manufacturing industry from small to large. At present, China's manufacturing industry is still facing some prominent contradictions and problems, which are prominently reflected in the structure. Since the 1960s, gb/t 1582 LEGO has been using ABS plastics to produce its landmark building blocks. 2 [all parts] nondestructive testing and magnetic particle testing are mainly on the supply side. Manufacturing is the most concentrated area of various resource elements and undoubtedly the main battlefield of supply side structural reform. It is necessary to strengthen the leading role of innovation, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system by optimizing the allocation of elements, promote the manufacturing industry to a new high-end and realize a historic leap from big to strong

Miao Wei also said that the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is also indispensable for overcoming the middle-income trap

Miao Wei: from international experience, the key to whether we can overcome the middle-income trap lies in whether we can cultivate a number of leading industries with competitive advantages, whether we can form a number of backbone enterprises with competitive advantages, and whether we can continuously improve the efficiency of the supply system

Zhouji: intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of made in China 2025

in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the state put forward the strategic plan of made in China 2025 last year. Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that intelligent manufacturing is the advantage and the main direction to realize the made in China 2025 plan

Zhouji: in the next 30 years, China's manufacturing industry has its own characteristics and advantages in the core technology of Intelligent Manufacturing in the manufacturing industry. It can achieve strategic key breakthroughs and key leaps, and achieve parallel and surpassing with the most developed countries in the West. It is a major strategic choice for us to realize the great leap forward development of China's manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of made in China 2025. In today's world, a new round of industrial revolution is in the ascendant, and the fundamental driving force lies in a new round of scientific and technological revolution. The new industrial revolution has four fundamental driving forces: the first is the exponential growth of information technology; Second, the popularization and application of digital networking technology; The third new round of AI technology strategic breakthrough; Fourth, a new innovation method, integrated intelligent innovation, has emerged

Wangyiming: respecting talents is the root of innovation

how can made in China catch up with and surpass the advanced? Wangyiming, deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, came to the answer after inspecting a number of manufacturing enterprises: the key is to break through the bottleneck of innovation and development, and respecting talents is the root of innovation

Wangyiming: respecting innovative talents is the fundamental principle of innovation activities. Talent is the first element of innovation. For example, Tesla has gathered interdisciplinary talent teams from apple, Toyota and aerospace, and subversive thinking has realized the integrated innovation of existing technologies. The technology integration between the Internet and the electronics industry, the traditional automobile manufacturing industry and the aerospace industry has been realized. In fact, it is the integration of talents and different talent resources

Zhang Ruimin: the manufacturing industry should shift from economies of scale to experience economy

Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the board of Haier Group, talked about the direction of China's manufacturing transformation from the perspective of entrepreneurs. He said that enterprise operators should change their ideas and the manufacturing industry should shift from economies of scale to experience economy

Zhang Ruimin: I think all manufacturing industries, not only Haier, should transform to experience economy. This is a direction, from economies of scale to experience economy. In the traditional era, all the goals of enterprises are economies of scale. What is economies of scale? Is to become bigger and stronger. The biggest difference between the experience economy and the traditional economy is that the traditional economy is self-centered and enterprise centered. The experience economy must be a platform. On the same platform, enterprises and users should change from the original distribution system to the integration of production and marketing. Therefore, the concept should be changed

hedongdong: build a local industrial IOT platform

hedongdong, vice president of Sany group, suggested that made in China should learn from developed countries to build a local industrial IOT platform

hedongdong: American industrial interconnection is a platform represented by GE, and German industrial 4.0 is a platform represented by Siemens. There is no such platform in made in China 2025, and there is no platform capable of carrying the Internet of things and industrial big data. We believe that one of the most powerful focuses of made in China 2025 is to build a domestic, independent and safe industrial IOT platform in China to provide strong support for made in China

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