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What does the expansion of Japanese invention patents mean?

at least in the field of clothing, food, housing and transportation, which is most relevant to the common people, the United States and Europe have been "weak" in innovation, which has made the dollar lose its strong fundamental support, while the understanding of the euro is basically not linked with innovative labor.

the economic data of Japan in the recent week was very poor, machinery orders fell sharply, and the growth of bank loans was not ideal. It seems that Japan really can't help ah Dou. However, I still suggest you to be cautious about bearish on the yen. In addition to the technology and the upcoming G7 meeting, I also have new thoughts on the substantial growth of Japanese inventions (patented technologies)

what is the biggest factor supporting the strength of a currency? It is the innovative labor capacity of a country. China and many developing countries have accumulated a large amount of foreign exchange. What should we buy from load sensor force measurement, microcomputer display experimental force and experimental curve? Of course, the development of polyurethane foam and products in the United States is gradually moving towards lightweight, multi hardness, low odor, low haze, aging resistance, storage stability and more environmental protection; Third, the innovative labor (products) of western countries - fundamentally narrowing the gap with western countries, and we need to transition from imitation innovation to independent innovation, willing to spend a lot of money to cultivate talents with innovative ability. What is the so-called innovative labor and where does it condense? The invention patents are the most abundant and easy to compare

China is the country with the fastest GDP growth in the world, but it's shameless to talk about invention and creation. According to the statistics of China's State Intellectual Property Office, "if you count Haier, TCL, Konka... These well-known Chinese companies that can be remembered, you can count them to 100. The number of all invention patents of these 100 Chinese companies is less than that of a large Japanese company."

according to the search results as of 9:00 p.m. on April 5, 2007, among the invention patents applied in China, 183196 were from Japan, while only 12632 were from China and 122502 were from the United States. Among the invention patent applications in China, Japanese companies surpassed all other countries and ranked first. This is a very noticeable phenomenon

in the new economic era, what does GDP depend on? In the final analysis, it depends on innovative labor. For a long time, we have always believed that Americans are the first in the field of innovation, and Japan is only a country with a very average innovation labor content, even worse than Germany in Europe. Since September 11, the NASDAQ index, which can reflect the innovation ability of the United States, has not been above 2500, and there are not many innovative products in Europe that can be proud of. This shows that the United States and Europe have been "weak" in innovation - at least in the field of clothing, food, housing and transportation, which is most relevant to the common people. This has made the dollar lose its strong fundamental support, and the understanding basis of the euro. 3. The measurement system can be divided into several types that are not connected with innovative labor

Japan, on the other hand, is basically unknown. It never shows anything to the world. It just keeps chasing after the world and even lets the world sell yen. The process of accumulation is long, painful and silent. But once it breaks out, it's amazing

we can see that in just a few years, only one Panasonic company has applied for 16825 invention patents in China, 9817 for Sony and 8402 for Hitachi. Qualcomm, which relies on patents, has only 1539 invention patent applications. What is more terrible is that the search records on April 3 found that the invention patent applications of the above three Japanese companies increased by hundreds of digits in just two days. Regardless of the base number, the growth rate of Chinese and Japanese enterprises in the number of invention patent applications has been hundreds of times different

what does the expansion of invention patents mean? It means that Japan has become or will soon become a big country in the production of innovative labor products. These innovative labor products that can lead the world will inevitably enhance the fundamentals of the yen with their huge value content, attracting the world to rush to buy Japanese products, and from settling in yen to reserving Japanese dollars

so, the Japanese are really smart. They not only leave China far behind, but also catch up with the United States and Europe in a down-to-earth manner. While the United States and Europe are still complacent that their stock market value is far greater than that of Japan, Japan's innovation labor is leading the world

what is the stock market value? It represents the past; What is innovative labor? It represents the future. When the world understands this, those who advocate shorting the yen will feel ashamed. (end)

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