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Plastic foamed tableware and disposable environment-friendly tableware

the elimination of white pollution refers to plastic foamed tableware (EPS), and Indonesia's export restriction policy has led domestic aluminum enterprises to turn the replacement supply source of mineral resources to a national decree in Malaysia, Australia and India. Many people are not clear about the harm of plastic foamed tableware. At present, the non degradability of plastic foamed tableware has been well known by people, but most people don't know what kind of impact plastic foamed tableware will have on people's health

plastic foamed tableware is recognized for its light weight, good thermal insulation performance and low price. However, due to its non degradability and the lag of recycling and treatment in China, a large number of waste tableware have been left unattended for many years, resulting in serious white pollution. The main idea of the state to ban plastic foam tableware is mainly to protect the environment. As for whether plastic foamed tableware is harmful to human body, although there are different opinions, so far, there is no authoritative scientific research unit at home and abroad to show sufficient evidence. The scientific research result of Japan is that plastic foaming tableware is harmless to human body. Based on these reasons, at present, it can be said that it is safe to use plastic foamed tableware. The pollution caused is not the fault of plastic foamed tableware, but ourselves. With the continuous improvement of the recycling system in the market, the recycling and reuse of plastic foamed tableware has been solved. Of course, the pollution problem has also been treated at the same time. Is it necessary to restrict the production and sales of plastic foamed tableware

in order to protect the environment, China has banned the production and sales of plastic foaming tableware, and a variety of environmental friendly tableware began to emerge, the most representative of which are pulp molding environmental friendly tableware and paperboard laminated tableware. With the flow of time, in the continuous development, there are degradable plastic tableware, plant fiber synthetic tableware, starch tableware, and some technologies are original in China. To a certain extent, these tableware have replaced part of the market share of plastic foam tableware and made contributions to the elimination of white pollution. However, the unsatisfactory aspects gradually emerged. Although the products are environmentally friendly, the price is generally higher than that of plastic foamed tableware. The use of disposable environmentally friendly tableware cannot be compared with plastic foamed tableware in terms of performance and sanitary conditions, especially in terms of thermal insulation. The price of pulp and paperboard tableware is times higher than that of plastic foam tableware, and some products are even higher. Because of their high price, it is difficult to promote and apply them in the market. There are many problems in the production of pulp tableware, such as complex production process, slow production speed, more labor, large water and electricity consumption, which is tantamount to a continuous waste of resources, It is not in line with the strategic idea of sustainable development. "Since the combination of PVC materials and graphene, the cost performance has been improved, and even the profit has doubled. Although degradable plastic tableware can save energy, can be produced continuously and automatically, and the cost is relatively low, most enterprises have added excessive fillers (calcium carbonate or starch) to the resin If the double-layer composite process is not adopted for production, its quality cannot be guaranteed at all. At present, most of the products in the market are produced by simple single-layer pull sheet one-step extrusion molding equipment. A large number of fillers make the products as soft as paper and rough on the surface. Such so-called environmentally friendly tableware will really bring harm to people's bodies. As for some plant fiber molding and various starch products, some technologies are not perfect or the cost is too high, and some technologies are still in the experimental stage. Although there are products with relatively mature technology, they cannot be recognized by consumers for a variety of reasons, and the use and sales of these products are basically invisible in the market

based on the above reasons, at present, the disposable tableware market in China is: plastic foaming tableware is prohibited, and it still accounts for half of the country. There are many kinds of environmentally friendly tableware. Fake and low-quality tableware basically dominate most of the country of environmentally friendly tableware, while the real environmentally friendly tableware is already besieged and difficult to walk, with a market share of less than 30%

we advocate environmental protection, but to be scientific, environmental protection must also take into account the protection and conservation of resources. Blind measures, a momentary fever will inevitably leave irreparable sequelae. Have we done little in this generation?. Plastic products are a kind of non renewable precious natural resources, which can be reused. And degradable plastic tableware can no longer be recycled. Why do we have to let a large number of valuable oil resources be degraded and digested in the soil? Can our resources be arbitrarily wasted and wasted? Will our children and grandchildren one day be like panning for gold to re extract plastic residues from the soil that we think are pollutants and have eliminated? It can be said that advocating the use of degradable plastics is a mistake in itself. The ban on white tableware will continue, but what the market really needs now is to check the fake and inferior environment-friendly tableware

we should implement the policy of eliminating white pollution formulated by the government, but it is impossible to achieve it only by enterprise behavior and self-discipline. The government should seriously implement the laws and regulations set by itself and really grasp and manage them. It's better not to say or simply withdraw the policies that have been issued if they are not implemented by themselves. If our government doesn't pay attention, the law enforcement department still closes its eyes, and the white ban policy is not implemented, no one will investigate and deal with fake and inferior tableware. Then, environmentally friendly tableware will never be able to rush out of the besieged city

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