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Plastic flexible packaging products should highlight high-performance and multi-function

at the press conference of 2007 International Rubber and plastic exhibition held not long ago, Zeng Yanju, director of the information center of China National Packaging Import and Export Corporation, said that in order to meet the new requirements of downstream industries in technology, the plastic flexible packaging industry should speed up technological innovation, improve the level of equipment, actively adopt new raw materials and new technologies, and realize the transformation of plastic flexible packaging products to high-performance The direction of multifunctional development

after more than 20 years of development, plastic flexible packaging industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in China's plastic industry, with an annual growth rate of 15%. The demand for plastic film in the domestic market has increased at a rate of 9% per year. It is predicted that the annual output of various plastic flexible packaging films in China will reach 5.4 million tons from 2006 to 2010 and 7.5 million tons from 2011 to 2020

According to Zeng Yanju's analysis of the existing problems, there are the following problems in China's plastic flexible packaging industry: first, the overall level of technical equipment is backward, and the business scale of enterprises is small. On the one hand, a considerable part of domestic equipment still lags behind international advanced equipment in accuracy, quality and efficiency. On the other hand, China has introduced many advanced plastic packaging processing equipment from abroad, but some of them have passed the depreciation period, and some foreign-funded enterprises also have such problems. At present, there are 8000 enterprises above the scale of plastic packaging materials in China, including more than 2240 film manufacturing enterprises, with an output of 10000 tons. When used as materials, only 25 enterprises require high-molecular polymers to have necessary mechanical properties, and only 5 enterprises with an output of more than 50000 tons

second, the unreasonable product structure leads to excess production capacity. Plastic film has a single variety and low quality grade, which can not meet the quality requirements put forward by downstream industries. Coupled with the rapid growth of output, the market is oversupplied

third, the contradiction between industrial development and environmental protection has become increasingly prominent. At present, the production of composite flexible packaging products in China mainly focuses on supporting composite in the field of new materials in the scientific and technological research plan, the national high-tech industrialization project and other scientific and technological plans. Due to the problems of environmental pollution and solvent residue in the solvent adhesives used in dry composite, dry composite materials are facing unprecedented challenges. In addition, the increasing amount of plastic packaging waste, especially disposable plastic packaging waste, has increasingly serious negative impact on the environment

fourth, there is an obvious gap with the international advanced level. In terms of technical level, foreign countries not only have advantages in equipment, but also have more scientific and operable testing standards. In terms of product structure, foreign products have many varieties and specifications, high degree of specialization and high degree of selectivity, while domestic products have few and many similar categories, high production capacity but low grade

direction of efforts at present, the successive introduction of national product testing related regulations and standards, as well as the improvement of downstream industries' requirements for product environmental protection and safety, make safety and environmental protection a new theme in the production of plastic flexible packaging. Food, sanitary products, household consumer goods, tobacco and other industries have put forward strict technological requirements for solvent residue control, ink residue control, GMP certification and QS certification of plastic flexible packaging products

Zeng Yanju pointed out that in the face of this new situation, the plastic flexible packaging industry should accelerate technological innovation, realize industrial upgrading, actively adopt new raw materials and new technologies, and realize the transformation of plastic flexible packaging products to high-performance and multi-function. First, we should speed up the development and application of sterile packaging materials, antibacterial packaging films and radiation resistant packaging films; Second, nano composite packaging materials should be used to promote the great change of traditional plastic packaging materials; Third, we should produce environment-friendly plastic packaging materials, such as easily recycled plastic packaging materials, biodegradable plastics in easily biodegradable plastics, zero pollution foamed plastics, thin-walled bottles and bag like packaging containers

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the trend of sound compounding, multi-function and intelligence is obvious:

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