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Plastic Futures: device restart, plastic fell slightly

over the weekend, the macro is more. Although the U.S. non farm employment data actively increased market expectations, and the Federal Reserve reduced QE expectations, the market response was more positive. The stock market and crude oil prices have rebounded, which has supported the plastic futures price. The main medium of this series of works is ultra light clay. This week, we mainly focus on China. You can see the impact of November CPI and PPI data on general machinery and electrical equipment, which have an inertia value; In terms of fundamentals, Fujian United 800000 ton PE plant will restart and expand this week. Although it will not have an impact on PE supply and demand this week, it can bring hype to bears

in addition, from the price point of view, the current discount spot range of the main 1405 contract is 855 yuan/ton, which is still at a historically low level, and the plastic production cost rises again to 10965 yuan/ton. The range of the price higher than the cost is not large, and compared with the import price, the import profit of the Middle East is still negative, so at present 8. Speed accuracy:: ± 0.5%; The space below the plastic price is still limited; Finally, from a technical point of view, the daily KDJ index is about to send a sell signal, and the position begins to decline. The daily K-line has begun to fall back to Brinton. Naturally, it is clear and clear. On the whole, short-term technical pressure still exists. In general, affected by the negative factors of device restart and capacity expansion, plus the existing technical pressure, there is a high probability that the high price of plastics will fall this week. However, supported by the increase and discount, costs and import profits, the space below is limited, and the price operation range is yuan/ton. Conservative bulls above 11300 yuan/ton in the early stage can leave temporarily, waiting for the entry opportunity after the callback, but considering the limited space, it is not recommended to short, and aggressive bulls can continue to hold

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