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Plastic film packaging toothpick put into production

toothpick production has always been one of the pillars of the bamboo industry in Longmen County. At present, the Longmen toothpicks people see are generally packaged in paper. However, this single packaging method will be changed by local toothpick manufacturer Liu Yonghua and others, and paper packaging will no longer be "unified in the world". Recently, I saw in a toothpick factory in Longmen County that Longmen toothpicks packed with plastic film have been put into production

the cost of plastic film packaging is only half of that of paper packaging

for a long time, the packaging mode of Longmen toothpicks is relatively simple. Toothpicks in the catering industry are generally paper bags with 1 or 2 toothpicks, or plastic cans with a large number of loose toothpicks. The relevant person in charge of Longmen Bamboo Industry Association believes that there is a large market space between the two, that is, the cost sensitive low-cost catering industry, hoping to buy toothpicks that make guests feel clean and cheap. According to a toothpick factory in Longmen County, products that meet the above requirements have been put into production, and this batch of products has made a new breakthrough compared with the previous ones: giving up paper packaging and using plastic film packaging according to preliminary statistics. It is reported that this is the product developed by Chen Yonghua, the person in charge of the factory, according to the market requirements

Liu Yonghua said that the biggest feature of using improved machinery to produce plastic film packaging toothpicks is that the packaging cost of supporting toothpicks is greatly reduced. Liu Yonghua once calculated that the packaging cost of two toothpicks packed in plastic film and paper packaging is only half of that of the latter

the newly packed toothpicks are mainly sold to stalls and restaurants

it is understood that at present, Liu Yongfan will get different degrees of tensile deformation on the samples between the two fixtures. Hua's factory has produced 2 to 14 plastic film packed toothpicks in different quantities, which are mainly supplied to wholesalers in Guangdong and Guangxi, while wholesalers are sold to stalls and restaurants in southern China. The relevant person in charge of Longmen Bamboo Industry Association said that Liu Yonghua's attempt was successful and may set off a new wave of packaging in Longmen toothpick production industry

Liu Yonghua told that he felt very strange when he saw that foreign toothpicks were packed with plastic film before. Later, he saw that some places in other provinces also had toothpicks with analytical pressure testing machine test results packed with film, and he decided to carry out the test. Since the plastic film packaging toothpicks seen before are wooden ones with easy specification control, rather than bamboo ones, Liu Yonghua began to improve them after purchasing the packaging machinery, and succeeded after many efforts. He said that the test process mainly overcame two major difficulties: first, the problem of coil heating; The second is the precision control during packaging. Now, after his improvement, the packaging machine can put a different number of toothpicks into plastic and damage the fixture: the spring change experimental machine is generally only equipped with the fixture film for standard samples. Reprinted from: Huizhou

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