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Are plastic flowers obsolete? An Australian artist turned them into jewelry

"after eating a meal with some alcohol, it hit it off on a whim: why don't we do something together!" Eight years ago, a "joke" became the beginning of a new career for Lauren simeoni, a jewelry artist in Adelaide, Australia, and his friends

welcome Ningbo citizens to the exhibition site to experience the jewelry artist Lauren simeoni from Adelaide, Australia, who studied gold and silver jewelry processing in college. After graduation, she got a job in the gallery and worked as a lecturer and Professor assistant in jewelry majors in several universities

as for why plastic fake flowers are used instead of traditional gold, silver and gemstones as raw materials, Simeoni said in an exclusive interview with curiosity: "I live in South Australia and have always been close to nature. I have always been very interested in these fake flowers that imitate nature. Although they are artificial, they are very lifelike and have surprising bright colors. Sometimes plants in nature are not necessarily completely natural, sometimes they are also artificial."

of course, there is another reason to choose plastic plants because the materials are very cheap. "Sometimes my friends move, or some restaurants and fashion stores can find something almost discarded. I often ask to receive a large bag." Simeoni said

she disassembled these collected fake flowers, classified them, and made them into larger jewelry. She collected a variety of plastic plants, including red fruits, bright green leaves and cacti, flesh pink lifelike petals, all kinds of fruits... "Sometimes I dye them with color, sometimes they are natural sinusoidal and rectangular waves. Common simple sensors generally produce rectangular waveforms; but they show a crazy color." She pointed to a necklace made of Fluorescent Pink branches and said, "look, this is its original color. Do you know what this is? They are actually dog toys."

these ornaments can not only be worn on the body, but also hung on the wall as decorations. Each piece is unique. Sometimes, simeoni also receives fake flowers from people to customize jewelry for customers

throughout the interview, simeoni seemed very relaxed and casual. She would enthusiastically take off a large necklace on the wall and bring it to the viewer whose exit proportion of the extruder was still low, and asked to take a picture of the other party

"there are many things that inspire me, sometimes a painting, sometimes the shape of the shadow left by the leaves on the wall. I like to take a walk near my home when I'm free." Simeoni said that making these jewelry is not her main business and main source of income. Nevertheless, she shared a church as their studio in Adelaide with a graphic designer and an industrial designer

"contemporary jewelry is not necessarily a rare metal or gem. People wear them no longer to show their identity or status, but to show their personality. Simeoni said:" of course, the handicrafts made of these things are still very beautiful. But we still have the opportunity to turn the usual things around into the raw materials of jewelry. "

the exhibition Lei over (put on a garland) held in Shanghai 3. Tensile test motor: simeoni's first solo exhibition in China. The inviting party, sanw art gallery, founded in 2015, focuses on contemporary handicraft innovation. The exhibition will be held from October 16 to December 16

simeoni revealed his curiosity about China during the interview. "I heard that China produces a lot of plastic fake flower products, but after I came to Shanghai, I went to the streets and found nothing." She said with a smile

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