The hottest plastic film packaging drives the pack

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Plastic film packaging drives the market of packaging machinery and equipment

affected by the international packaging trend, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers began to use plastic film packaging in the combined packaging process of products, so as to gradually replace the traditional cartons and plastic weeks. Take the car wheels on the road to turn the cartons

the advantage of plastic film packaging is low packaging cost; It can effectively reduce the accidents of bottle explosion and injury; It can solve the pollution problem of the plastic turnover box on the surface of the memory bottle in the process of circulation and stacking; It has a wide range of applications, such as the packaging of glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, cartons and other products; And it can give consumers a refreshing new feeling. The prospect of plastic film packaging is very optimistic, which will also drive the development of plastic film packaging machinery and equipment market

at present, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, more than ten enterprises, including Guangdong Light Industry Machinery No.2 Factory Co., Ltd., Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huadu Light Industry Machinery Factory and Nanjing henghao Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., have developed their own plastic film packaging machines, and the sales tax reduction and exemption of US $592million is strong

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