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Plastic film "technical warmth preservation" for agricultural production to resist the cold wave

a few days ago, the super cold wave hit, the minimum temperature in some parts of the city was close to or broke through the historical extreme value, and the large-scale low-temperature rain and snow weather had a serious impact on the agricultural production of the city. Many farmers were informed to prepare early, take early action, be ready in a tight battle, actively take emergency measures, do a good job in preventing cold and freezing of crops, and try to minimize the loss

he Bo, head of guiyi'an agricultural pitaya planting base, "fortunately, an agricultural station came to ask us to take cold and antifreeze measures like this, and then asked us to cover the film, otherwise we would lose a lot, and not doing it (cold and antifreeze measures) would be equivalent to none at all."

on January 27, in An'an agricultural pitaya planting base in Guiyi Town, I saw that the ground was covered with plastic film. Under the plastic film, pitaya seedlings grew happily

he Bo told that he heard in the weather forecast some time ago that the temperature had fallen recently, but the winter temperature had been low, so he didn't take it to heart. It was not until the agricultural technicians came to the base to explain that the power of this cold wave was likely to cause damage to pitaya, which attracted attention. Due to the measures to keep out the cold in advance, he Bo's pitaya has not been greatly affected

then, I came to the pepper planting base in Anping town and saw that the farms had taken measures to prevent cold and keep warm, or covered with plastic film, or applied heated fertilizer

Qiu Zengfu, head of pepper planting base in lvfengyuan, Anping: "Our pepper can survive this rain and ice weather, mainly because we have greenhouse facilities here, which are completely covered with film, which blocks the sleet from there. And the agricultural department has come to guide us in advance to fertilize the soil and spray plastic on the leaf instead of steel. It still has the advantage of applying foliar fertilizer to increase the resistance of crops and smoothly survive this cold wave."

in order to do a good job in the prevention of crop frost and cold damage, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture timely organized agricultural technicians to guide the sequential start of the display - Printer - Computer - Industrial Computer - start the experimental software - the power supply of the hydraulic source to help the masses do a good job in the prevention of crop frost and frost, and try their best to minimize the losses caused by frost

head of the agricultural technology station of the Municipal Bureau of agriculture (1) development opportunities of plastic processing industry Cheng Jianchao: "the cold prevention measures for overwintering crops are mainly spraying antifreeze, covering film, small arch and using reinforced materials for cold prevention, spraying leaf fertilizer when the temperature rises, and adding organic fertilizer to promote growth."

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