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Red Lion joined hands with distrix to add SDN functions to industrial interconnection products

May 22, 2017 - Red Lion control, an expert in communication, monitoring and control in the field of global industrial automation and network, today announced that its SIXNET series ram industrial cellular RTU and wired router adopt the software defined network (SDN) technology of distrix networks to achieve higher communication security. Distrix's SDN technology can be loaded into RAM devices, accelerate and simplify the deployment of communication networks between industrial devices and industrial IOT cloud platforms, and can use remote device access extremely safely. This function helps customers quickly establish secure communication, regardless of whether the return line medium belongs to cellular or wired

this enhanced function enables Red Lion controlled ram products to provide industry-leading security and redundancy, which helps to improve the performance of traditional VPN communication (traditional VPN communication usually relies on unmanageable point-to-point tunnels). After adding SDN technology, the product can provide greater flexibility, scalability and recoverability for the old serial infrastructure or the current IP based network

customers not only need to transfer data to the function of industrial IOT cloud platform, but also ensure the use of scalable and flexible architecture to achieve safe transmission. Colin GEIs, director of product management of industrial IOT controlled by red lion, said that the ram device controlled by Red Lion provides the most extensive preconfigured industrial IOT cloud platform integration scheme in the industry, Now it is supported by distrix SDN technology, which produces some changes in the transportation and storage of these products, and can provide higher security than traditional VPN or private APN. Ram products are famous for their excellent reliability and rich automation functions in the application of monitoring and controlling remote devices. Now we have joined hands with distrix to add SDN functions to them. Now, customers don't need to worry about data security at all, because we will protect data all the way

distrix software can be directly embedded into RAM devices, enabling customers to quickly deploy and manage secure software defined industrial networks. This configuration has the following advantages: 1) highly secure end-to-end tunnel connection, avoiding common network security risks and complexities; 2) Higher network redundancy; 3) Stronger sensor, but it has the function of analyzing the content and data of the installation protection performance experiment of the tensile testing machine; 4) Simple machine to machine process automation

we are very happy to cooperate with red lion control. Eric winsborow, CEO of distrix networks, said that red lion control has always been an industry leader in the field of industrial automation. It can provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to customers' urgent needs, and help customers make full use of the advantages of industrial interconnection without replacing existing infrastructure or assuming higher security risks

in addition to the highly secure cloud integration, RAM products also have a powerful event engine and integrated i/0 data. Because the box cannot absolutely seal the database, the process of creating and storing data labels is simplified. The perfect combination of industrial automation capabilities, safe and reliable communication, and easy to connect cloud services provides customers with a seamless industrial IOT solution

Red Lion ram products also provide multiple serial ports and Ethernet interfaces, and can be optionally equipped with i/o, Wi Fi and active GPS functions, which can be easily integrated with existing devices, so as to realize the safe monitoring and control of remote devices to determine the quality of products. Through highly secure network connection, RAM platform can not only realize the visualization of field deployment equipment and process data, but also have the functions of control and real-time information prompt, so that customers can enjoy the advantages of industrial IOT

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about American Red Lion control

as a global expert in communication, monitoring and control in the field of industrial automation and networking, Red Lion control has been committed to providing innovative solutions to customers for more than 40 years. Our automation and Taihe cellular M2M technology help companies worldwide obtain real-time data and improve production efficiency. Its brands include Red Lion, n-tron and SIXNET. The company is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania. In addition, it has offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Red Lion belongs to spectris group. It is a company that manufactures precision instruments and control equipment and is committed to improving productivity for customers. For more information, please visit

about distrix

distrix software can be embedded in industrial and it network hardware to achieve industrial interconnection with better security and recoverability. A secure communication tunnel can be established in a few minutes and the complexity of firewall and VPN configuration can be eliminated

distrix gatewaytm software has an intuitive management console to help simplify connection configuration. Whether it is collecting data from industrial sensors, connecting with branches or integrating cloud facilities, distrix can make it simpler in a cost-effective way, helping customers easily manage their networks and ensure security. For more information, please visit

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