BASF takes measures to cope with the new situation

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BASF took measures to deal with the new situation

BASF took measures to deal with the new situation

on July 10, 2001

recorded the historical log; It is reported that BASF, a famous German chemical enterprise, has recently decided to take urgent measures to cope with the current slow economic growth worldwide

First, the field of cathode materials

according to the news from BASF, after analyzing the current situation of economic development in the world, the decision-making level of the company believes that the growth of the world economy is much slower than expected, the economic growth of Europe and Germany is slowing down, the economy of the United States has no obvious signs of growth in the second quarter of this year, the economic growth of Asia has been affected, and the oil price is hard to catch, As well as the rise in market prices caused by the rise in the price of raw materials, it will have a negative impact on BASF's production. In addition, some of the company's new factories in Asia and Germany have been put into operation slowly and have no obvious benefits. Therefore, the company decided to take some urgent measures, including: cutting off 1/5 of the other investment projects being implemented; Turn off B. pass certificate

10 production bases and another 14 production lines; Accelerate the development of the organizational structure within the scope of the future plan. BA

SIFE hopes that by taking these measures, the company's income situation can be improved and the company's further development can be promoted

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