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Hongqi L5 limited edition customized edition welcomes the first user "Glass King" Fuyao Group caodewang

as the most high-end luxury brand in China, Hongqi is famous for every car, and it is by no means ordinary people who can become the users of Hongqi

on April 20, 2018, Hongqi L5 limited edition customization welcomed the first user, Mr. caodewang of "Glass King" Fuyao Group

Mr. caodewang is the founder and chairman of Fuyao Glass Group. Fuyao Glass Group is a leading automotive glass supplier in China and the second largest in the world. It is also an important global supporting supplier for Bentley, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Audi and other luxury brands

According to the news, Mr. caodewang has donated more than 11billion yuan since 1983, making important contributions to the country and the people. Cao Dewang, such a famous person, has become the first customer of Hongqi L5 limited edition customized edition, which can be regarded as "a good match"

Hongqi L520, which was put into production in 2011, is a domestic flagship top-level luxury car developed by FAW after spending billions of research and development funds for several years. The limited customized version of Hongqi L5 is different from the ordinary model. The limited customized version provides six color schemes of external paint, including black dansha, shukulai purple, Jingyuan navy blue, silent dark brown and night sky blue, The standard 20 inch 5-spoke standard wheel rim and the more solemn 20 inch 9-spoke wheel rim are also provided

in the interior, the limited customized version also provides national car classics, rich tassels, auspicious national luck, quiet deep sea, European guiya and haodangsha, which have gradually become the leading products in the building exterior wall insulation market. There are six interior styles, which can be selected by users to match with unique effects. In addition, Hongqi L5 limited customized edition can also integrate the user's signature, family badge, enterprise badge, etc. into the car

Mr. caodewang believes that he and China's FAW and Hongqi brands have experienced and overcome many challenges in their respective fields, which reflects the precious spirit of the Chinese people to fight bravely, not afraid of difficulties and perseverance. At the same time, he said that contemporary Chinese entrepreneurs must have strong cultural confidence and national pride. He ordered the limited customized version of Hongqi L5 not only out of his trust in the ultimate quality of Hongqi cars, but also out of his hope to support the development of China's automobile industry with practical actions

Hongqi L5 limited edition customized model will provide up to 50 product customization upgrades for mass production products. It is limited to 100 sets, and the price of each set is expected to exceed 6million yuan. It is definitely a model with head and face and the main technical parameters of the pressure testing machine are only for adults with the greatest experimental power and money

recently, FAW Group is preparing for the listing of Hongqi H5, establishing 100 dealers nationwide and setting a target of annual sales of 100000 vehicles. At present, Hongqi's mass-produced vehicles only rely on Hongqi H7. 4800 vehicles were sold in 2016, down 3.12% year-on-year in 2017, and only 4665 vehicles were sold

revitalizing Hongqi and promoting its market-oriented transformation is Xu Liuping's biggest goal in reforming FAW

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