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Red Star machine expert explains the production process of perlite sand production

Red Star machine expert explains the production process of perlite sand production

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perlite is a kind of volcanic acid lava, which is formed by rapid cooling. It is named for its pearl fissure structure. Perlite sand making is very common and popular in various sand and gravel factories. Today, red star experts will talk about the production process of perlite sand making

Perlite is widely used. Raw sand can be used as filler in rubber and plastic products, pigments, paints, inks, synthetic glass, thermal insulation bakelite and some mechanical components and equipment after fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding. Perlite is expanded into a light and multifunctional new material, which has light apparent density, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, wide temperature range, small moisture absorption capacity, non-toxic, tasteless, fireproof, 15 The wire torque tester has the characteristics of sound absorption after testing, and is widely used in many industrial departments

because the processing purpose of perlite ore is to process the selected raw ore into products that meet the requirements of particle size, moisture and other indicators, that is, perlite ore sand, it determines that the perlite processing process is usually crushing classification drying

the production process of perlite sand making is as follows: first, the raw ore is evenly sent to the coarse crushing jaw crusher by the feeder for initial crushing, and the discharge particle size is less than 4 cm. Then, the coarse crushed materials are sent to the sand making machine again. When the sampling resolution of one system reaches more than 1 in tens of thousands, the secondary crushing is carried out, and the materials whose discharge particle size meets the requirements of the finished product particle size (18 mesh-90 mesh) are sent to the finished product discharge bin; Materials that fail to meet the particle size requirements of the finished product are returned from the vibrating screen to the perlite crusher for reprocessing, forming a closed-circuit multiple cycles until the particle size of the discharged material meets the particle size requirements of the finished product. The granularity of finished products can be graded according to user needs

expanded perlite is also a kind of perlite we often see when installing the oil pipe connecting the main body and the dynamometer. It is the product of volcanic eruption at the interface of a parallel port micro printer. At present, expanded perlite deposits have been found in more than ten provinces and autonomous regions, including Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hebei, etc., of which Shanxi has the largest reserves

the production process of expanded perlite can be divided into crusher crushing, screening, preheating, sharp heating (1260 degrees), cooling and other processes, of which the most important are crushing, preheating and roasting. In the production of expanded perlite, the roasting process requires uniform ore particle size. The particle size is generally 0.15-0.5mm. Too large or too small particles will affect the roasting effect. The selection of particle size during roasting is based on the roasting process and the requirements of users for products. When producing light and heat-insulating expanded perlite, the particle size should be 0.15-0.6mm, and the expansion effect is the best

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